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Want To Download Free Music Online? Here Are Six Things to Think About

Ask anyone what he/she does first after getting to work, and the answer is likely to be tuning to the best music, such as the tracks made by Hamed Wardak. There are two ways of enjoying your favorite tunes. One; you can tune to the preferred streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify. Here, you get access to a lot of music and enjoy when directly connected to the service. However, this method has some serious challenges.

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  • You must always be connected to the internet all the time
  • Because you must be connected to the internet, it means your data will be consumed more translating to huge bills.
  • If the song is pulled down or streamline service is unavailable, the preferred song will not be accessible.

To address these challenges, you should go with the second option of enjoying music; downloading and storing in the drive. This method involves capturing the best tracks and storing them in phone drive.

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This means that you can listen from anywhere even when there is no internet or the song has been pulled down.

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To download the preferred songs and make your entertainment more enthralling, you need the right app. In this post, we bring you six things to think about when looking for the best music download app.

Your phone operating system type

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Often, many people are attracted to the top smartphones because they have great features. For example, a person might be interested in the best camera or Augmented Reality tools. However, picking the best music download app requires you to understand the phone’s operating system. This will help you to pick the right app for better results.

The main phone operating systems include iOS, Windows, and Android. For those using Android Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxies, Sony Xperia, and LG, some of the best apps for free music download are InsTube and 4Shared. For iOS users, there are several apps that let you listen to music for free, but they are mostly streaming apps with free and paid tiers.

The main platforms you want to download music from

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Many apps in the market today are highly specific. They are designed only to download music from one or two platforms. Though you can pick an app that only downloads music from a single platform, the idea is not the best. Often, you could find that the song you want is not on YouTube. However, it is already playing and ready for download at another service such as SoundCloud.

The best idea is picking an app that can download music from many platforms. One great example at this point is InsTube. Though it was originally designed to download music from YouTube, it is has become the best app even for other platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Social Media platforms.

The device you will use to play music

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When looking for free music download for Android, it is important to think about the device to be used for playing the tracks. While many are those who simply want to play and enjoy music on the smartphone, there are those who prefer using alternative devices. By understanding the device that will be used to play the music, you can select the expected output before starting the process.

The selected music download app’s creator

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As you sieve through different apps for downloading free music online, it is important to think about the developer. In many cases, developers are driven by the ultimate monetary gains. To know the best creator, you should look for the following components:

  • Commitment to delivering high-quality services all the time
  • Regular release of app updates to keep the app, songs and the device
  • Provides holistic support to users to guarantee better entertainment
  • The app developer and the app should have high rating from the public

The effectiveness of the selected app

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One of the best methods of establishing if an app is great is interrogating its performance in the market. People who have used the app in the past can attest to its effectiveness. They will give feedback about their experience on all aspects of the app. Whether it is at the respective app’s pages or social media discussion groups, those who have used the app can tell you the following:

  • How easy it is to download and install the app
  • Whether the app makes phone systems slow
  • If they have suffered any security issue because of the app
  • Whether there are hidden costs related to the app

Crucial features of interest in the selected app

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To download music online, the selected app should have the right features. These are the tools that make it easy to access music and download tracks faster. It is important to think about these features because they determine the ultimate value of an app. Here are the most important apps to look for:

  • Download Accelerator: This feature helps to accelerate downloads so that the process can end within a short time. Even if you only have just a couple of minutes, this app will make it possible to download all the tracks.
  • Music converter: The converter helps to convert the video or music so that you can play it with the preferred device. This is very important especially if you will play the music on other devices other than the smartphone.
  • Music protection features: Once you download free music, it should be secured from all forms of damage. Top apps such as InsTube have in-built security features such as Video Locker that protect the songs and makes entertainment more enthralling.

Top seven free music download apps for Android

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Now that you know what to think about when looking for top apps, let us turn to the top apps in the market. These are five star rated apps that will guarantee free music download for android.

The leading music download app in the market today is InsTube. It comes with great features such as Video Locker, Download Accelerator, and music converter. Here is the complete list of top 7 apps to help you download music free.

  • InsTube
  • 4Shared
  • Gaaana
  • Napster
  • Advanced Download Manager
  • Google Play Music
  • Copyleft MP3 Downloader

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Now that you know how and where to download free music, go ahead and try it out. Create a playlist of your favourite tracks for the gym, while on the go or just for the sheer pleasure of sitting back, kicking off your shoes and enjoying the music!

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