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Life Hacks: How Geeks Can Stay Healthy

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, the life of a geek is far from what some might call healthy. Most of us spend a lot of time at computer desks or gaming, and we don’t set aside much time to care for our health. We drink energy drinks, snacks, and just end up being in bad shape.

But, no more! Remember this article, bookmark it, refer back to it for it is your geek bible when it comes to staying healthy. I will list a few of main health issues typical geeks will suffer from, and how you can start preventing them and being healthier. Check them out down below:

Issues With Weight

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Weight problems are a massive issue for many geeks. When I think about it, you can swing either of two ways. You either put loads of weight on from eating badly, or you get really skinny because you forget to eat. Regardless, weight problems are a serious health issue and shouldn’t be ignored. My advice? Throw out all your junk food and replace it with healthier snacks. There are plenty of ideas you can use on to find alternatives to regular junk food. Fix up your diet, and watch your body morph itself into a healthier shape.

Problems With Vision

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While having bad eyesight isn’t really unhealthy, it’s not great when our eyesight deteriorates unnaturally. This happens to many geeks as we spend too much time staring at screens. It’s an issue for multiple reasons, not just because it makes our sight bad. For one, as you can see on sites like, people often need to pay extra for health insurance to cover vision problems. So, if you get issues with your vision from a young age, it will cost you a fortune over time. Secondly, staring at a screen for too long makes it harder to sleep at night, which causes stress levels to soar. The solution to all your problems? Spend less time looking at screens for hours on end or get your hands on some glasses that have lenses to block out harmful light. Both of these things will help you!

Difficulties With Posture

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Finally, I bet most of you suffer from common postural problems, am I right? Let me see, your neck currently hurts, as does your upper/middle back, and your lower back too, yes? These are all issues we get when we sit down for too long and hunch our backs. It leads to pain that lasts for years and can cause more permanent issues too. The best way to solve this? Get up and walk around more, play some sports once or twice a week, and start stretching your muscles. There are loads of programs out there designed to help fix these typical postural issues, so don’t worry, you can get back into shape!

Right, let’s sum things up. Okay, the secret to being a geek without many health problems is this; spend less time staring at your screen, eat a much better diet, and avoid sitting down for too long. All of this will counter the main issues we geeks get as a result of our lifestyle. Listen, we didn’t choose the geek life, it chose us. But, we can choose to do something and start being healthier!

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