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5 Ways to Promote Your Blog and Gain an Audience

Blogging has never been more relevant, lucrative, or competitive as it is today. And with this revamped market comes both the challenge of earning clicks in a cluttered marketplace and the opportunity to reach a huge swath of people with one well-placed blog post. Still, gaining traction with a new blog can be a difficult task. Fortunately, here are five ways to promote your blog and win the attention your good work deserves:

Develop a Blog Brand

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This might sound like overkill, but a blog is an extension of an image –– whether personal or commercial. If it’s your own personal blog, let people know about you and stick to a certain style and genre. And if you’re writing for a corporate blog, the same principle holds true: only make sure you’re keeping the blog in-sync with your company’s content and values. Whether you’re writing about frisbee golf for fun, or about inoculation loops for your business’s blog, keeping things on message will help cultivate an audience.

Market Smart on Social Media

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By now, everyone and their mother is on multiple social media platforms. And companies flood that space with ads and organic content from their own blogs. So how can you make your blog stand out? Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the quality of your post, but rather with your eye for detail. That’s why it’s essential to craft the description of your post with care and make sure that it (and your headline) is intriguing and engaging. And don’t forget the importance of an image to accompany your post –– it needs to be both captivating and apt.

Identify the Underdeveloped

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Despite the vastness of the internet, not everything has been written yet. You have something unique to promote within your blog –– so make sure to accentuate it. That might mean determining underutilized key words to boost the SEO of your post, or promoting your blog based on geography, but however you carve out a niche market, do your best to own it.

Keep things Tight

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Whether writing a description, headline, or a blog post itself, one of the worst sins you can commit is that of verbosity. So work to be concise; it’s vital to your career. The attention span of the average reader won’t tolerate long or difficult-to-read posts. However, you can break up more complex posts with strategically positioned images and graphics.

Love What you Do

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The simplest –– and the hardest quality of a quality blog –– is maintaining a passion for the subject matter. There’s no substitute for a genuine interest in your work. And the harsh truth is, if you don’t care about the things you write, you’re unlikely to see sustained success in blogging.

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