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Make Dad’s Day Special With The Latest Tech Gifts

With Father’s Day on your mind, you’ve probably spent some time brainstorming for the perfect gift, but don’t worry if all your mental callisthenics has amounted to nothing. You’re in luck. It doesn’t matter if your dad is a tech-obsessed geek or not, there’s a huge chance he’ll appreciate any number of these gadgets on his big day. From streaming boxes to polaroid printers, here are some fantastic, high-tech Father’s Day gifts.

Apple TV

Apple TV 4K review

When dad wants nothing more than to relax at the end of the day and catch up on some serious Netflix binge-watching, an Apple TV is an ideal gift. This small dongle attaches to his TV using an HDMI cord, connecting his television set to the wonders of the Internet. Its newly updated OS throws onto the screen any web-based video apps, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as any iTunes content. The full list of Apple TV channels can be found here. But with ESPN, CNBC, and Hulu Plus on the list, Apple TV makes it possible for dad to finally cut the cord and save some money without cable.

GoPro HERO6 Black Action Camera


If dad’s more likely to be out on the trails, hiking or biking his way through the woods, then the couch is the last place you’ll find him. Swap out an Apple TV for a GoPro Hero6 Black Action Camera. Whether he rock climbs, mountain bikes, or skis, the HERO6 is the perfect tech gift for an action sports hobbyist. Like most GoPros, it’s small and easy to use, and the HERO6’s 4K video captures 60 frames per second, offering the best playback for all your dad’s daring adventures.

Customized iPhone X Skins


He can’t be doing too badly if he has an iPhone X in his hands. As one of the top-rated smartphones of 2017, it’s a high-performing device. Unfortunately, it tends to show all the heavy-lifting it does, since Apple’s choice of glass material picks up every nick and smudge.

Help dad cover up these cosmetic damages while showing off his unique style with an iPhone X skin. Make sure you shop from the selection over at dbrand. With over 1 million followers on Twitter, their fans know them for quality, precision-made skins in the latest designs, including black camo, stone, dragon skin, and more. Take a look at these designs and use their decal builder to create the coolest iPhone X skins for dad. It lets you swap out different colors and textures for each piece of the skin, letting you see how your combination looks in real time before you order it.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

Polaroid Zip Review: Tiny, Fast, and Pretty Damn Fun

Does dad fancy himself an amateur photographer, snapping up artful pics of the skyline and gardens in between family portraits and discrete selfies? If that’s the case than his cloud is probably bursting with unseen photographs collecting digital dust. Help him show off his masterpiece with a Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. This portable device prints real polaroid pictures, producing 2×3 photographs on a smudge-proof and tear-proof material. Best of all, it uses ZINK technology — or Zero INK — so dad can avoid one of the biggest frustrations of modern printers: getting a low-ink notification as soon as he presses print.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa review

An uncomplicated, fun-to-use wearable, the Fitbit Versa has removed all the unnecessary features that can bog down the typical fitness track experience. What’s left is a streamlined band and a compact watch face. Despite its overhaul, the Versa offers best-in-class health tracking, including steps, workouts and sleep patterns.

Best of all, it has a long battery life capable of nearly four days between charges. Dad can check his daily stats with a swipe of his finger on his X, reviewing his heart rate, distance walked, and calories burned on the Fitbit’s simple app. Perfect for the dad hoping to tone his dad bod, the Versa is a great way for him to log his progress.

Don’t let Father’s Day sneak up on you. It’ll be here before you know it. Make sure you’re prepared by wrapping up a tech-inspired gift for dad. Gadget geek or no, he’ll be impressed with what these gifts can do.

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