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The Many Different Uses for 3D Scanning

With technology and software always advancing, especially in the last few years, there are always new and exciting things popping up. One of the most exciting and useful technologies out there is 3D scanning. A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes and surveys something in the real world, collecting its shape and various dimensions.

Once the scanner has all of this data, it can create digital 3D models on a computer which can be edited, changed and altered as you see fit. As you could imagine, this type of technology has many different uses in a variety of industries. This article will take a look at a couple of them.

To Help With Surveying and Mapping

3D Laser Scanning – Underground Mine Mapping

Surveying the land, mapping, and measuring the distance from one point to another used to be a very daunting procedure, as it often had to be done by hand. However, now, with the availability of both 3D scanning and the use of drones, photogrammetry has become much more streamlined and easy.

Using a software program or tool like PhotoModeler (https://www.photomodeler.com/applications/UAS/default.html), people are able to use a drone or other unmanned aircraft system to fly above a landscape and accurately scan objects that are high above the ground or take any number of other measurements.

To Aid in the Realism in Hollywood Films

Hollywood’s Post-Biological Future, Where Actors Can Perform After Death

If you have ever seen the movie “World War Z” and are curious about how the zombies look so lifelike, you have 3D scanning to thank for that. However, 3D scanners are used for more than just making zombies, they can also be used for all different kinds of Hollywood special effects and even for creating movie prosthetics.

Basically, they will scan a real life model, and can then digitize and edit them as they please. A variety of different films and TV shows have taken advantage of this technology, and it is a much more streamlined process than having to draw everything from scratch.

Digital Tailoring

Ever wondered what you’d look like in Kim Kardashian’s dress or Ryan Gosling’s suit? Digital scanner can capture clothes and show how they would look on anyone

Clothing and retail is absolutely one of the biggest industries and markets on the planet, and you better believe they are taking advantage of 3D scanning. Shopping for clothes, both online and in-store, can be tough as seemingly every company has a different size. For example, a large from Nike might not be the same as a large from Banana Republic.

With clothing customization being all the rage nowadays, 3D scanning can be a big help as it can scan people’s bodies and be able to identify the perfect size for clothing based on measurements. We don’t think it’ll be long until many companies offer perfectly fit and matched clothing based on 3D scans of a person’s body.

To Assist in Prototype Design

MakerBot reveals prototype desktop 3D scanner

When you are coming up with a new product or company, 3D scanning is a great idea when you are in the prototyping stage. When coming up with ideas and throwing around different looks or feels, many designers will use clay or foam models. While this works for some, it is often a crude and unrefined way to choose the right design.

However, with technologies like 3D scanning, they can now “see” their designs in ways they have never been able to before. In fact, there are also several different benefits to using 3D scanning throughout the duration of your project. Using these types of tools can also allow you to alter and refine the prototype or project before deciding upon which design is right for you.

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