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How to Stay Safe During the Icy Season

As the weather turns colder, people are getting more excited about the holidays and all the fun activities that come with them. There’s plenty to do with ugly sweater parties, delicious homemade food, visiting family, and indulging in your favorite winter sports.

Despite the fun, there’s a greater chance of injury and accident if you aren’t prepared for those icy surfaces. You might get lucky and have no issues throughout the whole winter, but it’s always better to take the safe road so any situations that could cause a problem never even have a chance.

So before you pull on your ice skates, check out these five ways to get ready for the snow and ice that will be keeping you company as you go from activity to activity.


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Good winter boots or shoes are a must in difficult weather, but if you’re into fashion, that may mean getting creative to ensure your safety. Avoid heels if at all possible, especially those like stilettos with thin heels which put you in a precarious position with little traction in the case of a slip.  

Go a step further by wearing shoes with sturdy soles that will not only help keep the cold out but will provide the proper traction to stop any dangerous sliding on the roads and sidewalks to a minimum. When walking on icy surfaces, remember to keep your toes pointed slightly outward with your feet about shoulder-width apart so you have a good, solid foundation with each step.

Car Safety

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Once you get into your vehicle, you still have plenty to worry about before cruising through the winter wonderland. With snow and ice on the roads, it’s important to get your car fitted with snow-ready tires.

Depending on your activities, you may want more heavy duty studded tires, but often now you can get all-terrain tires that will take you from summer to winter easily. Get your tire pressure checked to make sure your tires have optimal contact with the street and look into having them rotated and your brakes checked as well for any wear and tear.

Car safety is more than just preparing your vehicle, however. You’ll want to keep an eye out parking and driving on hills, icy corners, and among other drivers who can be either too timid or too aggressive traveling in the snow. Staying safe on the ice is more than about just yourself, so look out for your buddies on the road by driving cautiously and being patient.

Snow Removal

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It’s also a great idea to take some of those travel safety ideas back to your own home and yard. Never leave the snow on your driveway too long because the cars repetitively rolling over it can create icy slicks that mean bad news for unsuspecting visitors.

Go the extra mile and clear your sidewalks as well for your neighbors who need to walk their dogs or complete a run in preparation for their spring marathon. Your extra bit of help clearing the sidewalks means helping to keep people of the icy streets with fast-moving vehicles.

You may get quite a bit of snow that’s a bit too much for you to keep up with, in which case those handy local yard services are there to help you out. While they keep your grass green and your trees trimmed in warm weather, they are also here to clear away the snow, de-ice your surfaces, and even remove snow from a heavy rooftop.

Outdoor Lighting

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With the shorter daylight hours, it’s crucial that your home is well equipped with outdoor lighting to chase away the tricksome shadows and give people an advantage over hidden snow traps.

Sometimes, even with the best care on your porch and walkways, a late snow storm and evening freeze will come in. Flurries can cover and hide slick spots, and uneven pilings of snow can play tricks on people’s minds as they make their way to your front door.

A light on your porch and over the drive will go a long way in preventing slips, and those Christmas lights you put up? Well, they can do more than just light up a child’s eyes.

Give Yourself Time

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Above all, the cold season is a time to slow down a little bit and think a little more. So make time to make improvements needed for safety, and give yourself more time to get to a destination whether you’re walking or driving.

That extra time will also be a bonus when it comes to controlling stress, impatience, and anger that could otherwise cause further problems. Since the snow is here anyway, you might as well take the time to admire and enjoy it, too! And with a little more time, you may find this is a habit you can keep up even when the snow is gone again.

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