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Top 5 Must-Know Tips to Score Your First Paid Blogging Gig

Are you looking to score your first paid blogging gig, but not sure how? Read on to learn the top tips to score your first paid blogging gig.

Over 35% of the American workforce are now freelancers. This rapid growth of freelance remote work has been partly driven by the importance of blogging.

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It’s not hard to see the attraction of blogging for a living. You get to be independent, show off your creativity and practice your passion for writing on a daily basis.

The greatest challenge is scoring your first blogging gig. That’s why you should check out our top 5 must-know tips for getting your first paid blogging job. Let’s dive in!

Establish Your Niche


Even though a great writer needs to be able to write about almost anything, it’s always great to establish your niche.

Are you passionate about clothes and sustainability? Maybe you could establish yourself as an authority on the subject of eco-fashion.

Do you know a lot about digital marketing? You can always ply your trade writing blogs about web design and social media marketing.

By narrowing down your niche, you can better market yourself to clients.

Connect with Prospective Clients

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You need to make connections with prospective clients who may be willing to pay for your blogging.

You can always check out a business directory, such as or You can even check out Craigslist. Keep an eye out for prospective clients in trade magazines and social networks.

You may need to visit a trade show in your niche market to make the connections you need to build your profile. There are many ways to discover blogs that pay writers for writing work.

Offer Something for Nothing

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Even if you want to score paid blogging work, you may have to start by offering clients something for nothing.

You don’t want to spend your whole time working for no money. However, sometimes it’s the only way you can show clients the quality of your product.

You may find that a company turns you down when you inquire about a blogging gig. And yet, when you suggest writing a blog pro-bono, they may be suddenly more interested.

You never know when a connection is going to lead to a lot of work down the line. Occasionally, working for free at first bears fruit later.

Even when you don’t score paid blogging as a result of volunteering, look at it as an opportunity to build up your portfolio.

Promote Yourself on Social Media

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Once you have set up a website for your blogging business, you need to start promoting yourself through social media. This allows you to reach out to clients and partners effectively and cost-effectively.

You need to be regularly updating your social media networks with your latest blog post and interesting links to relevant articles. And don’t be shy about messaging potential clients across social media.

Make sure you cover all the bases by establishing followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. You may find that particular social media platforms work better with your niche than others.

Get Your Work on a Client’s Desk

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It’s easy to ignore a message over Facebook or a speculative email. By sending examples of work to a client, you make it difficult for the client to refuse you a gig.

Consider sending a client a recent piece of your writing which has been published by a credible blog. This is sure to impress.

If you’re a great writer and you have something to say, the hardest part is getting your first paid blogging gig.

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By following our 5 tips to scoring blogging work, you’ll eventually get your first opportunity to get paid doing what you love.

If you want to discover more tips for business and life, check out our blog for tips.

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