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6 Ways to Decorate Office Space

Your surroundings affect your productivity. The office should be somewhere you feel most productive. If you’re like me, you probably spend a lot of time in the office. Whether you have a cubicle, home office or corner suite, there are several ways you can decorate your office space to increase your productivity.

The Desk

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One key feature of any office is the desk. The size of the office can determine what type of desk you can use but select a desk that makes a statement. Consider placing your desk along a wall or in the middle of the room. This large and necessary piece of furniture doesn’t need to be boring. Do you tire of sitting down at the desk all day? Try a desk that can be raised.


Your chair is not where you want to start making budget cuts. A chair might seem like an afterthought in an office, but a good office chair can bring the entire office together. Frankly, there’s a decent chance you’ll be sitting at your desk for long hours. You’ll want a comfortable office chair. An old folding chair that kills your back isn’t going to do anything to boost your productivity. If your office has space, adding a nice armchair or couch can add to the overall aesthetics.


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Work can be a messy, creative, or a cluttered process. Large bookshelves or corner shelves can give off an air of professionalism – especially if those shelves are stocked with interesting books and decorations. A small office may not be able to handle the classic large bookcase. Instead, consider installing some custom floating shelves to maximize space and make a decorative statement.


My favorite type of lighting is natural lighting from a large window, but my office doesn’t have any great windows to let that lighting in. Instead, I utilize floor lamps to bring in some extra lighting. Bad lighting can hinder your productivity; you don’t want to be stuck squinting at your papers. A tall lamp is simple but can add a little décor to the office.


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The desk, seating, shelving, and lighting are just the basic elements of any office. There are countless ways to personalize and dress up any office. I love to have live plants and pictures of my family in my office, they are simple additions that brighten my mood and help me concentrate. Explore and find your own additions that help boost your productivity.

Less is More

It may be tempting to have a decoration on every piece of furniture or to find furniture for every corner of the office. But less truly is more when it comes to the office. Productivity is easier when there are clear open spaces for work to happen. An organized and decluttered office will help you feel productive, but will also demonstrate a level of professionalism to your clients.

It’s important to decorate your office space in a way that you will enjoy. It’s not necessary to go out and buy all new furniture or spend hundreds of dollars in décor to improve the aesthetics of your office. Utilize what you already have. With a few simple changes, you can change the entire look of any office.

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