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How AI Can Help Your Small Business

Technology has revolutionized the world we live in, and it’s now possible for us all to take advantage of ideas that were only dreamed off just a few decades ago. Artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, is everywhere, and many of you use it without even realizing it. Take the predictive text you use on your smartphone and website chat services that seem to be able to respond almost before you’ve posed your question. Not only is it affecting your personal life. It’s dramatically changing the way companies operate. Use of AI is not just restricted to huge companies with vast budgets. Even the small business owner can use it to its advantage without worrying about breaking the bank. Here are just a few ways you can use AI to help your business.

Email Marketing

Why You Should Optimize Your Email Campaigns With Artificial Intelligence

Email marketing is used by many businesses because it has one of the highest return-on-investments. AI can work in the background, fine-tuning your email marketing strategy for optimum effect. For a bricks and mortar store, the best way to collect email addresses is at the point of purchase. If you’re an online retailer, such as a dropshipping business, email addresses can be captured when a customer lands on your site or checks out. Using an email list, it’s possible to create customized email campaigns. AI lets you take it one step further by automating much of the process.

Data Collection and Analysis

AI has been used for a number of years by large companies that have access to huge amounts of consumer data. It’s also possible for smaller companies to use it when it comes to analyzing their customer base. AI makes analytics both affordable and intuitive. Using sophisticated statistical tools, the small business owner can learn more about their customers and discover new ones.


How AI Is Changing The Game For Recruiting

Finding and recruiting top talent can be very challenging for a small business owner. Large companies have a huge amount of resources and often a dedicated, well-equipped HR team. AI allows the small business owner to level the playing field as it has helped streamline and expand the recruitment process. Machine learning algorithms can determine which previous recruitment processes were most effective and learn what types of communication appeal to certain candidates.

Customer Communications

Product and service-based small businesses can use chatbots on their websites to initiate customer communication and help answer questions. You may have already communicated with a chatbot and not even realized it. It’s not always possible for the small business owner to have a dedicated customer service or sales team. Chatbot AI can fill the gap and alleviate the pressure, freeing up your time for tasks that matter most.

Staff Training

The Role of AI in Learning and Development

It’s possible to keep your staff’s training up to date and increase their motivation and productivity with the help of AI tools. Data can be monitored and analyzed in real time to highlight employees who might be bored with their work, or their morale is flagging. Training can also be made fun through gamification, leaderboards, and training videos.

AI-based tools offer a number of different benefits, including lower costs, increased results, improved flexibility and responsiveness, reducing risk and saving time.

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