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Cocospy Free Way to Track GPS, Phone Calls, Text Messages and All Activity on a Phone

Cyber crimes are very much common nowadays, Many people are worried about the issues regarding the safety of their child on the internet, they demand a tracking software which can hack into the mobile phone of their children and keep a track of what they are doing on their mobile phones all the time, since, children of today do not share the issues regarding the problems they are having on the internet like cyber-bullying or blackmailing Etc.

Cocospy is the best phone tracker app which helps you in knowing the activities being done by your child on the phone, it is available for free and can be downloaded into the two famous operating systems i.e. The Android and The IOS.

“Cocospy” is well-known tracking software that helps you to ensure the cyber safety of your child and builds your trust in safeguarding your child in the best way possible. Their website can be accessed for details. In order to gather further information and building your trust even more.

Cocospy is now well known among leading digital institutes such as PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. All of these digital pioneers regard Cocospy as a brilliant spying application.

It is highly advised for parents to install this trusted tracking software to monitor and keep a record track of the child’s phone usage, to make them sound from the dangers offered by the mobile technology and the internet.

This article will be based on the uses of Cocospy and what makes it the most followed and the best tracking app for millions across the World.

Cocospy holds many utilities for the benefit of its users. Tracking can be done very easily, use Cocospy to track your child’s phone application, the job of tracking is done with ease and simplicity, entrusting millions of followers across the Globe.

How Phone Tracking Is Done?


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First, it is required for you to make an account on the Cocospy application and initiate the tracking process alongside the creation of a new account.


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If you are an iPhone user, you will be required to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone, however, if you are an Android user, you will need to install the Cocospy application and prioritize the security settings in such a manner that Cocospy application starts its magic and begin the spying process.


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The final step is to finish the installation procedure and toggle the spy monitor on the dashboard of your monitoring phone, All of the activities of the target phone including SMS, Calls, and Location, Etc. can be traced easily from your monitoring device at a single touch.

Why is Cocospy Regarded The Best Spying App?

The answer to this question lies in the benefits and user-friendly system of this application. Several Application tools and facilities make the Cocospy the best app for spying including:

  • Trust of its wide range of users and excellent ratings received from many people.
  • Several Application tools that help in the proper and complete monitoring of your child from your phone screen.
  • SMS tracker equipped with full ID information and helping you in the monitoring of the texts, sent or received by the target phone.
  • Call tracker, live tracing calls and giving you a maximum 30 minute call recording time which provides adequate supply to trace the caller, the Call tracker also lets you know the location of the caller. Thus, making tracking easier than ever before.
  • Location tracker equipped with GPS technology, helping you to trace the location of the phone and helps you remain aware of the location of your child and help you in assuring the safety of your child.
  • The Geo-Fence alert, alarming the parents when a compromise to the allowed area is made and helps you to immediately seek help in times of an emergency in a very swift way.


Is There Any Need To Jailbreak My Child’s Phone?

This is an FAQ, mostly asked by the worried parents whose children don’t let them use their phones without their consent. But the answer to this question is a respectable “NO”. You do not need to jailbreak the target’s phone rather, you will just have to enter the iCloud credentials of the phone and leave the rest to Cocospy.

How Can I Access The Phone Stealthily?

If your child does not let you use his/her phone without consent, you do not need to worry since many children nowadays hate the idea of sharing personal information present on their phones. In order to access to this Information, You can trigger the Stealth mode in the target phone and hide the software, so your child remains unaware of the idea that he/she is being spied. Moreover, the spying software consumes very less amount of battery, so the child may never know that they are being spied.

Phone Tracking Made Easy:

Cocospy helps you to engage in easy tracking of the phone without any problem and entrusts you in using this free software. The Phone Tracker Application helps you in effortless tracking, so you can ensure the soundness of your child and prevent them from the harms of social media and the mobile itself.


Cyber crimes are on the verge of happening and are increasing day by day due to harmful and un-monitored use of mobile phone; preventive measures must be taken to guarantee a safe time spent by your child on the phone and in a meanwhile, keeping you relaxed about the issues regarding your child’s security.

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