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How To Deal With A Scornful Ex-Business Partner

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They say ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ Now, this statement today might raise some eyebrows, but let us face it, a romantic relationship going sour can turn anyone, male or female, into vindictive and aggressive people reacting out of anger and loss. However, despite the fact that phrase might raise eyebrows, it’s incorrect. Hell actually hath no fury like an ex-business partner scorned. You can be sure that this will cause trouble, no matter who you are.

This is because not only is a painful separation between you and a business partner potentially preceded by the breakup of a business, but that one of you may have gained the maximum amount of financial value and retention of their assets because of it. For example, if helping to build a business from the ground in an assisted capacity and then being dismissed, you yourself would feel extremely scorned due to this.

However, dealing with a scornful ex-business partner is something that you have to address immediately, or it will get worse. Here’s how to do that and also protect your assets at the same time:

Mediate The Situation

Why Business Partnerships Are the Kiss of Death
Why Business Partnerships Are the Kiss of Death

It’s in no one’s best interest to make this situation even more tense. Do not speak badly about them publicly. Do not try and harm their future business efforts, unless stealing your copyrighted or patented assets of course. Try to come to a rational conclusion. Perhaps severance pay is what is needed, or perhaps they hope for a reasonable payout. It’s up to you to decide what is acceptable, but be sure to have any agreement in writing. They may ignore you or they may feel offended about all of this, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Protect Against Defamation

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Defamation can unfortunately remain extremely damaging for many businesses. It is up to you to protect against it. Through the use of an internet defamation attorney you will be able to show the isolated financial costs of their words, and damage to your reputation. However, be sure not to use these services as a means of ‘shutting up’ the other party. These lawyers are professionals, and will not be used to your individual whim. Criticism is acceptable. Publicly shouting false accusations are not. If you learn the difference, you can better utilize said attorneys as effectively as possible.

Prevent This From Happening Again

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Ensure that every person you hire, allow to become a partner, or develop throughout their career are subject to a contract that shows them exactly what will happen if fired or if the firm goes through a chaotic period. When they willingly accept this arrangement, they have little recourse to try and harm you as your business partner might have, as lax conditions in the beginning of your company’s life may have given them more room or motivation for their aggression.

With this advice, you are certain to deal with a scornful ex-business partner correctly.

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