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The Facial Scan Could Be a Problem in Online Businesses

Facial scan could be a problem in online businesses for a number of reasons.

  • Privacy concerns: Facial scans collect a lot of personal data, including biometric information that can be used to identify and track individuals. This data could be used for marketing purposes, or it could be sold to third-party companies. Some people are concerned about the potential for this data to be used for identity theft or other crimes.
  • Security concerns: Facial scan technology is still under development, and there are some concerns about its security. For example, facial scans could be hacked or manipulated, which could allow unauthorized individuals to access accounts or other sensitive information.
  • Usability concerns: Facial scan technology can be slow and inconvenient to use. For example, users may have to hold their head still for several seconds while their face is scanned. This can be frustrating for users, and it can also make it difficult to use facial scan technology in public places.
  • Acceptance concerns: Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having their face scanned. Some people may feel that it is an invasion of privacy, while others may simply find it inconvenient or uncomfortable. This could make it difficult for online businesses to convince users to use facial scan technology.

Overall, there are a number of reasons why facial scan could be a problem in online businesses. Businesses that are considering using facial scan technology should carefully weigh the benefits and risks before making a decision.

However, some industries still want to ignore these warnings and move ahead with facial scan technology as we will discuss in this article.

The gaming industry is the most growing business niche that someone could ever imagine. Australia and other big countries have followed the “soft” rules approach, and today we see that Australia’s economy is growing rapidly. The budget gets higher revenue from Casino industry taxes than expected.

The facial scan could be a problem

The facial scan could be a problem in online businesses 2
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Experts believe that facial scan is the future in every online business platform. As you may know, every offline business is trying to make a name in the online world. Just like the gaming industry, every other sector is trying to dominate the World Wide Web. In 2020, experts think that facial scans would be inevitable, especially for the gaming industry.

The Australian government is ready for the identity-matching bill

The facial scan could be a problem in online businesses 4
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We have seen protests in major cities of Australia regarding the identity-matching bill. The government was the author of the law, and now it’s Parliament’s turn. According to the bill, every gaming, gambling, or adult content distribution company has to use a facial scan.

Gamers believe that there are problems with account and identity stealing in the online world. The Australian government decided to start with the revolutionary decision in those industries mentioned above.

When a user logs into the account, the platform will take a photo of the user through the phone or computer’s camera. Then the picture will be compared to official ID or passport specific users have uploaded on the platform. If there is a 100% match, then the user is free to play and manage funds on the account. When a gamer is not found, the user won’t be able to manage account funds, and also, the user will be limited to a specific time of gaming or watching content. The same system should be installed on every platform, including Australian-friendly online casinos.

The same process of recognition should happen after every log into the account. A face recognition system may lead to privacy problems. That’s why thousands of people protested the bill in autumn. The Australian Parliament is ready to grant the government with bill till the end of 2019.

The facial scan is the future in online business?

The facial scan could be a problem in online businesses 3
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We see many cases of identity theft in the online world. Back in 2017, hackers stole more than 172 billion dollars in WWW from almost one billion people around the globe. The number is growing, and it could be scary every year. Most of the developed countries try best to come up with new technologies of hackers and prevent them from harming online banks, accounts, etc.

Australian government thinks that facial scan is the only way to prevent stealing from the online world. Apart from facial scanning, there are privacy problems. Most of the protesters are not ready to share their face photos every day when they log into accounts of the bank, gaming, gambling, adult content websites, etc.

Australia is the first country that opened a debate over facial scans as a weapon of future against identity theft. In 2020 we will see which countries follow the same footsteps as Australia did in 2019.

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