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Keep your Computer from Slowing Down

It can be tempting to go out and buy a new computer when yours is not performing well. We live in a disposable culture. This is a waste of money, however, and often unnecessary. Proper maintenance and small repairs can often keep your computer running like new. This can save money and time. When you find a computer you like, it often becomes the center of your work or studies. You have everything set up and organized the way you like it. There are several things you can do to keep your favorite computer from slowing down prematurely.


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It can be easy to neglect the security on your computer. You may ignore the reminders when your current antivirus software is expiring. You may also get a false sense of security when nothing bad happens during a security gap. You do not have to get a virus for your computer to be compromised. Malware applications are a major complication. Sites you use daily may bring browser extensions to your computer. It is worth the money to invest in a good security program. Everything extra that enters your computer makes it work harder, affecting its efficiency. It is always a good investment to pay for your own antivirus software; you can check out this site for more information on antivirus software.


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Just like your phone, your computer should present with the opportunity to update many things. These may come from windows, apps, or the computer company. Many people ignore these reminders when they pop up. The updates, however, may contain fixes to many issues. You may also find that things you do every day are easier after the update. These are aimed at making your computer run better.

Clear your History

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Cookies are big part of how businesses bring in customers. Most websites come with warnings that cookies are attached to them. These help with marketing for many businesses. They find the target audience for different services and products. If you are an avid online browser or shopper, however, you may be accumulating a lot of baggage. Clear your history daily to take some of the load off your computer. This can also help with security. You may enter personal information for yourself or someone else, for example. This needs to be deleted right away. People search sites display names, phone numbers and address. Even a reverse phone lookup can contain sensitive information if the caller turns out to be a bill collector or personal acquaintance. Protect yourself and speed up your computer at the same time.

Routine Resets

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You change many things on your computer when you use it for a long time. it can often help to speed things up if you take it back to its original settings. This is something that most people avoid because their work or school information may be involved. Windows has put some thought into this, however. You can now do a reset to the default settings without losing important information. This may not be your first choice to clean up the computer, but it may be necessary if the slowdown is excessive. This cleans up the entire system and makes many tasks much easier.

You can keep your computer running smoothly when you take the extra time to keep it clean. You can now do a factory reset without losing all your data. This can be a great help when nothing else is working to restore the speed of your computer. Pay attention daily to the places you visit and to security updates. Keep your browsing history clear, as well. You can easily bookmark important pages. A little extra attention to your computer can help keep it working well much longer.

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