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5 Tips to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Write For A Specific Audience 

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This advice can sometimes sound a bit vague and unworkable in practice. What does it mean to ‘know your audience?’ Is this really possible? In short, the idea is to write for one particular person you think is relevant to the product or service. In copywriting, you work with different clients such as who provide hand pumps for water supplies. Consider the people you know, if you were telling them about the product, what would you say and how would you say it. What would be your tone and language? If you write for one particular person, it will make your writing focused and engaging, instead of muddled. 

Plan Dedicated Writing Time 

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It’s easy to underestimate writing, partly because it is something we do every day without thinking. But writing engaging and persuasive copy is different from taking notes for a project or writing a shopping list. Writing copy is a craft. This is good news, as it means we can learn it and improve all the time – but it also means it requires a degree of dedication and effort. Avoid interruption by setting up a dedicated writing space and using that space when you’re in your best frame of mind. This will ensure you carry out your best work. 

Look Out For A Touchstone Piece 

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If you’re a writer, you will know the effect that other writer’s voices can have on your work. After reading the work of a respected writer, it’s so easy to slip into their style of sentences and lose your own voice in the process. You might think the solution is to avoid reading before you write, but the experience is instructive. If you create or find a touchstone piece – that is, an example of your ideal voice in action – you can read this piece before you begin writing to ensure that you sound right in your copy. 

Write First, Think Later 

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As a copywriter, you are always wearing three hats. One is a writers’ hat, one is a thinkers’ hat, and the other is for editing. If you try to wear all three hats at once, you will feel consumed, and your writing will suffer. In your first draft of a piece, don’t stop to think or edit what you are writing. Put everything onto the page, even seemingly random ideas – this is a form for brainstorming as well as creating. In the past writers had to trawl through pages of manuscript making edits but with computers, it’s much easier. When you’ve finished your writing change your hat. 

Begin With The End 

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One of the secrets to writing compelling copy, along with the others mentioned above, is to know what you want your piece to do at the end. What do you want your readers to ‘know, feel, and do?’ Getting this clear at the outset will guide the production of your content all the way through, ensuring that it’s relevant and logical. It’s easy to assume that writing is linear because that’s how we read it. Actually, it’s a creative process, and content can be produced in any variation. 

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