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How to Recover Call History and Other Data on iPhone

Losing your call history can be quite inconveniencing, especially if there is a business contact you did not save or need to know whose calls you missed and need to call back. There is excellent news for those who have lost their iPhone data. This guide will be helpful in allowing you to retrieve the data you might have lost.

There are several methods you can use to recover your data. In all ways, you will require a superior iPhone data recovery software. The programs will allow you to view your call records both those received and those missed.

Features of a great iPhone data recovery software to use

  • Supports the recovery of other file formats such as text messages, notes, contacts, reminders, voicemails, videos and photos, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and WeChat messages.
  • Supports the recovery of deleted call history that has no backup whether you deleted them by mistake or intentionally.
  • It selectively recovers specific files from your iPhone using the iCloud or iTunes feature rather than overwriting the whole backup files. It should allow you to preview the files that have been deleted.
  • It should also allow you only to recover what you need from the previewed files. You should be able to save the deleted files in texts or in HTML format.

Note that: Using iTunes, you will reestablish the whole iTunes reinforcement to iPhone, there is no choice of selecting to recover only the individual things you need. At present, you will lose every existing information on your iPhone device, on the grounds that everything on the iPhone will be overwritten by the old system. Therefore, you can attempt another approach to extricate iTunes reinforcement and specifically recoup the iPhone call history.

1. Pick iTunes reinforcement and sweep it

Best data recovery apps for iPhone

An essential window beneath will show up, when you run the program on your PC. Around then you have to pick Recoup from iTunes Backup Files, your past iTunes reinforcement records would be shown. At that point, select one of iTunes backup documents you needed and tap on ‘Begin’ to examine the data and start recovering it. If you need to recover more than one document at a time, you may have to repeat this process.

2. Recoup the erased iPhone call history

Apple saves iPhone call history to iCloud, but barely mentions it

Both of the recuperation modes can enable you to review all the recoverable information. And after that, you can stamp ‘Call History’ to recoup your lost call number with only a single click. This is simple and straightforward. As a precaution, you want to ensure that you mitigate any opportunities for data loss. For instance, your phone could fall off your hands resulting to a memory loss. To avoid this, it may be helpful to consider a quality Aluminum iPhone case. When your phone is well protected properly with a reliable case, you reduce the risk of losing data in future due to water damage and accidental falls. Sometimes it may seem like an extra cost, but it is definitely nothing compared to the risk of losing your data or your phone altogether.

3. Check the iCloud

How to recover deleted iCloud data

In the event that you synchronized call history on iCloud recently, you can get back to the lost data through iCloud. Apple offers some great directions on their website which make the process seamless and easy. As an indistinguishable circumstance from iTunes, you have to reestablish everything in iCloud reinforcement to iPhone. All recently lost information on your iPhone device will be replaced by old reinforcement. You can pick another approach to remove iCloud back and review calls at that point specifically recuperate iPhone call history.

Stack the program and sign in to your iCloud account

Subsequent to running the iPhone Data Recovery program, change to ‘Recuperate from iCloud Backup Files mode’. At that point, you can utilize the Apple ID and secret key to sign in to your iCloud account. You will then see the information you need to recover from your iCloud account. You can choose to save it and view it later.

Pick iCloud reinforcement record to download and extricate it

After signing in to iCloud, the program will identify all reinforcement documents in your record and show a rundown. You can choose the one that you need and hit the “Download” button to get it. From that point onward, click “Recover” button to retrieve your iCloud reinforcement documents.


Getting your files recovered has never been easier. You get to achieve what many think is impossible. The best part about the methods on this guide is that you will not have to take your phone to a professional or pay a lot of money to have your data recovered.

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