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The Tech and Apps To Help You To Be a More Effective Leader

It is not enough for leaders this century to just focus on getting things done. Being a leader in this modern world, means that you need to connect with your team in order to drive and inspire them to perform. If you were to dig a little deeper, then being in management today need to bring purpose and meaning to each and every employee’s contribution, in order to keep the business running successfully. Of course, you also need to make sure that you aren’t forgetting about yourself, as you will have to be doing your best, as well as your team. Plus, if you are lacking in motivation and are feeling a little depleted, then it will mean that you won’t be of use to anyone. 

So, in the modern world that we are in, we have many tools and tech that we can use to help us to be more effective as leaders, as well as improve thing with our professional lives and our personal lives. It can be something like looking for the best scheduling software to make meetings and team rotas much more simple. To having apps that mean communicating with your team is much quicker and simpler than before. There are a lot of things that you can use to help. Have you tried any of these before? 


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If you have a large team, or perhaps have a lot of employees that work remotely, then using an app like Slack can be a good thing for your business. The reason being, it can avoid the constant and overwhelming emails, messages, and updates for small, little day to day requests. It is kind of like texting, but it can be synced to other apps, such as Dropbox. Meaning that you can quickly message on there about a file, rather than having to create and upload something to a formal email. Apps that help you to communicate better can mean that you save time, as you’ll have fewer unnecessary meetings and emails. 


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If you are the kind of person or leader that gets a lot of ideas but then forgets them or doesn’t write them down, then it can mean that a lot of things get missed or forgotten about. But if you look for an app like Super Note, then it can eliminate all of that. It can help you to make voice notes so you can go back to remember a thought you had, as well as add photos, and being able to colour code the notes that you have so they’re easier to look back on. 


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If you are sat in a meeting and you have your team giving plenty of new ideas for products or services, then you need to be able to write it all down. But you don’t want to run the risk of losing those things. Which is why an app like Post-it Plus could be helpful for you. Using your phone or tablet, you can snap a picture of the notes and then send them out to everyone, which is a really efficient way of having a meeting. A tool like this is really handy for brainstorming at meetings, and capturing ideas even after the meeting has ended.


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Having a team that works together on different projects is so important. And you might have used things like Skype in the past, especially if people would be coming together on projects whoc don’t normally see each other. And app like Zoom can be a good way for teams to collaborate, especially if you have remote workers. You can more than two or three people onto the video call, which makes it a better option than Skype, and can screen share too, so great for bring different ideas together. 

Personal Growth

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If you are quite new to leadership, then having a helping hand along the way, to help you to do things your way, rather than how someone else has done it, is going to be a great idea. The Leadership Challenge is an app that helps leaders, and according to the reviews, is one of the best choices out there. If you are after tangible and actionable points, then it is the one for you. 

When you have the best tech and apps that you can help you, right in the palm of your hand, then it can make your job so much easier; you can be a much more dynamic leader. You are likely to accomplish more, be able to grow and expand on your leadership skills, as well as connect with your team in a way that will really help to inspire them to do more and grow the business. Technology doesn’t have to be a distraction; it can be so effective.

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    You really need to understand what senior means at your company as you’re asking to be a more effective leader, but that isn’t (to me) necessarily required for senior, your wording also assumes you are a somewhat ok leader and want to get better. You also seem to view being reserved and not showing enthusiasm as a bad thing, which implies you feel you need it to be senior. But those don’t necessarily map to being ‘more proactive and driving meetings’ as your lead said. You can be reserved as a senior, but still have a powerful voice at the table. You can be stoic but ultimately be professional and skilled.

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