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Top 16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog

Video blogging is an area where you can express yourself, find fans and make good money. YouTube provides all the necessary tools for this, and most importantly, it gives a huge audience that is constantly looking for something new, interesting and useful.

Earnings on YouTube depend on the popularity of the channel. The more people watch and follow you, the more you get. Therefore, the most profitable topics are those that cover the widest possible audience.

In this list of the 16 most profitable niches on YouTube, we present the most popular topics that are interesting to a large number of people and, accordingly, are well monetized.


It is perhaps the topic with the largest audience. The potential growth is huge. There are many entertainment channels, but the opportunity to create something new and become popular is always there.

Jokes from life, funny videos with animals, and compilations of files are gaining a huge amount of views. Another thing is that regularly updating your channel by adding similar content is not so easy. You can make cuts from foreign rollers, but the competition, in this case, is very big.

Do not forget that entertainment is not only humor. Various collections of interesting facts, for example, also relate to entertainment content. And there are plenty of ideas for such videos.


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There are a lot of informational discussions. The main thing is to track and react to them before competitors. The latest events in the blogosphere and the life of stars are actively discussed on YouTube.

Reviews of TV shows, movies, TV shows, clips, albums, etc.

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Everything created by TV people, film producers and musicians is constantly criticized. It is always interesting to know the opinion of another person about a certain film or album of a musical group especially if they understand it.

You can share the review in many different ways from simple chatter to a mini-movie. The format of the video is more complex. It may include funny scenes shot by the author, and stills from the movie, and the author’s opinion about the film.

There are also simpler review formats, limited only by text, which, nevertheless, are also popular.

Work and business

Top-16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog 6
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Work is another topic that excites everyone. “YouTube” is particularly valuable because here you can learn about the personal experience of people who work in various places. Real reviews of employers are popular within a wide range of people.

Besides, experts in different fields can share their experiences and get subscribers and views. There is an opportunity to show oneself and attract customers. In some cases, this way of monetizing the channel can be much more profitable than advertising in affiliate programs and Adsense.

If you are doing business and you know all the pitfalls, your experience will also be valuable to the YouTube audience, as many come here for ideas and useful experience of other entrepreneurs.


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The crisis has affected everyone. Therefore, talking about money, loans, investments, and savings has become one of the most popular topics on YouTube.

Did you manage to save up for an apartment in five years? Share your experience with others. Understand lending – tell YouTube users what you should pay attention to when applying for a loan in various organizations.


Top-16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog 1
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It’s hard to find games that nobody has ever played. So it is difficult to bring something new to this area.

Even if you are going to review new games, be prepared for the fact that at the same time it will be done by many other YouTubers, including the most promoted.

Some channel owners decide to narrow the subject and concentrate on certain types of games. This specialization allows you to make the video more detailed, and it distinguishes the channel from the rest and attracts fans of specific games.

You can also record your gameplay and share it with your comments and thoughts.

Fitness and nutrition

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Everyone wants to look good. Therefore, YouTube has become a haven for various fitness trainers and nutritionists.

The niche, of course, is overused, and it is quite difficult to invent something new. If you have a unique experience of self-slimming, then you have every chance to win the interest of the public.

Training programs get a large number of views. Such materials have been popular since the days of videotapes: turn on the video and work with others. It can be both cardio (aerobics, dancing, etc.), and exercises to work out certain types of muscles: popular destinations – workout at home without additional equipment.

Workout video blogs are a free alternative to the gym. Therefore, they have such a large audience.


Amateurs and professional chefs are actively sharing recipes. But you can get through it, for example, if you have your ideas for new recipes or you know unusual ways of using familiar products.

Variations of dishes from everyday products can be very different, so this is where you can earn.


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It is an almost inexhaustible niche. A large number of network users visit YouTube to find detailed instructions on how to do something (how to cut a dog, how to write an essay, how to use mind-maps etc.).

To shoot such videos in some sense is more comfortable, because you may hide your face if you don’t want to show it. However, viewers have strict requirements for educational videos. If talking coherently is difficult for you, you will have to practice or record your voice separately.

Educational videos may also include language learning.

If you teach some programs or computer languages, it is enough to use software to capture video or prepare a presentation in advance. Please note that your video should have the maximum quality possible otherwise your viewers might leave. You can use a free utility from Freemake to edit your video and convert it from FLV to MP4 for fast and easy sharing without quality loss.

The educational subject is endless. There is always something new and incomprehensible, people are continually learning something, so there is still a demand for it.


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Programs for travelers have always been popular on television. With the advent of YouTube, tourism has become more accessible.

You can always find something exciting and shoot a video about it.

Information from people who have moved to another country is especially valuable. They talk about their way of life, the peculiarities of the new culture and the difficulties they face. So, future immigrants will be able to find out what they should expect when they decide to leave the country. There are a lot of compatriots who live abroad and are ready to share their experience with future immigrants.

Anyone who travels a lot can compare life in different countries or cities and name the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the places.

Product Reviews

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People, having decided to make a purchase, are looking for reviews online.

Therefore, it is advisable to devote yourself to the review of any one type of product. For example, if you understand computers, review computer equipment and accessories.

Bloggers, unpacking goods in “live,” managed to gain confidence and quickly found their audience.

Unpacking packages from Aliexpress are one of the popular types of Chinese products video reviews.

Product reviews provide an additional opportunity for monetization through affiliate programs. The main thing is to remain honest and let the viewers decide for themselves whether to buy a particular product. No need to praise what you would not use.


In this section, you can include not only videos from professional psychologists but also arguments on a topic from ordinary citizens. It could be advice about relationships, parenting, communicating with people and more.


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It can also be included in educational topics, but the handmade niche is so wide that it is definitely worth considering it separately.

Wandering on YouTube, you can stumble on videos about furniture making, soldering, creating different mechanisms and even weapons as well as find ideas for needlework or bead weaving.


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You are not allowed to upload someone else’s music on YouTube unless you have been given the right to do so. But no one forbids recording covers for existing songs. On the contrary, YouTube users like to listen to familiar songs recorded in a new way.

It is not necessary to record a composition from scratch. Some musicians (for example, guitarists or drummers) take ready tracks and put them on the background. In general, for musicians, YouTube is an ideal platform for promotion. You need to seriously tune in and imagine that you are speaking to a million people.


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Even if you didn’t build the house, you are likely to repair something in your apartment. In this case, you can share the info about building materials, tools, and technologies.

A popular trend is budget repair, savings on building materials, ideas for interior design of standard apartments.

Beauty and fashion

Top-16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog 3
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Beauty bloggers, stylists, and amateur fashion lovers have found their place on YouTube. In general, the female audience is distinguished by high activity, which to some extent determined the popularity of this topic. However, you can also attract men.

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