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Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Company Party Now

You might groan inwardly – or even outwardly – at the idea of a company party, but when you actually sit down to think about it, it makes sense. Hosting a party can sometimes spell drama when you factor in things like people drinking too much, but if you plan it right, it’s actually a strategic move. If you’re warming to the idea, here are some of the considerations you’ll need to think about.

It can make for excellent PR

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Hosting a party is the perfect opportunity to invite key clients and stakeholders to see what you’ve been doing, meet more of the team, and learn more about what you’re about. It’s a time to casually meet with them while still maintaining at least some sort of business setting.

If you plan the right party, it will reflect positively on you for months to come. Hire a photographer for some great shots to use in your marketing plan and across your social media channels; make sure that there’s plenty of things to report that make for interesting content, and use the party as an opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Obviously, PR can be negative as well as positive as well. Don’t allow your employees or other guests to post anything to social media which could have a negative impact – consider a brief meeting before the party to go over the “rules”.

The best parties have a theme

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If you’re hosting a party, it’s likely that you’re trying to present a particular image to the world. A theme shows that you and your employees are working cohesively together and because it’s all consistent, it demonstrates teamwork – which should hopefully be part of your brand philosophy.

Planning a theme can be a fun way of getting creative, too. How about a casino theme? The casino is fun for everyone – people can dress up, you can create great cocktails, and there’s even a dose of healthy competition. As for the games, look for the best online casinos so that you can compare the best ones for your guests. If the casino theme was good enough for the TV show The Office, it’s good enough for everyone! Don’t forget catering to suit the theme as well – maybe even hire a cocktail maker to bring the atmosphere to life?

Carefully plan the guest list

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A good guest list can make or break a party. All of the workforce should of course be invited, but in order to benefit from your work party, you need to extend it outside of just your employees as well.

To continue the PR point from earlier, inviting a few good local journalists would not go amiss, and neither would some guest speakers. Consider inviting politicians or prominent figures in your industry to make some speeches – which could then be reported on by the journalists. By doing this, you will truly position your business as the expert.

If you plan a company party right, it can be the sort of thing that people never forget. Put in some time and effort, and its memorable nature will be for all of the right reasons.

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