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Top 8 Locations of Your Corporate Building That You Should Consider Monitoring with a Security Camera

Building security is always a primary consideration when you are running a business especially when you consider all the valuable assets that you are trying to protect.

A security breach or a burglary could prove to be highly disruptive and costly for your business and that is why the installation of security cameras is considered an essential aspect of your protective arrangements.

You can find products at ApexCCTV, for example, that will help you to protect your business, both inside and out, but you will also want to develop the right strategic approach to getting the best coverage and protection possible.

Here is a look at some key considerations and suggested locations that should help you achieve the level of protection that you are looking for.

What do you want your cameras to say about your approach to security?

One of the first questions you want to ask when you are working on a plan to install a CCTV security system is whether you want to warn people with a bold visual deterrent or if your preference is for a more covert approach?

It should be remembered that you can use a security system in a number of different ways in order to achieve the same aim.

Installing cameras in a prominent position can act as a highly-visible warning that any attempts to inflict damage to the premises or steal items will be seen.

However, in more sensitive locations and when you are more focused on discretion you will be guided toward smaller cameras that give you the protection you want without being so obvious about it.

What sort of coverage are you looking for?

Having resolved that particular issue another highly relevant aspect of your installation that you will want to consider is what sort of area you are looking to cover with cameras.

The physical size of the area you are wanting to protect with cameras will dictate the type of camera you need to install in order to achieve that aim.

There are cameras specifically designed to view a wide area while still being versatile enough to allow you to zoom in to certain activities as and when you need to.

If you only require to cover a small area of the building with each camera this can allow you to use a more static camera which should prove less expensive to install.

Sound and vision

Another relevant consideration is whether audio integration is something that could prove useful to you.

It is perfectly feasible to install a system that combines audio with pictures. This will enable you to actually talk to perpetrators and warn them off or it could let you trigger an automatic recording facility when the alarm is activated.

Think about lighting

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Lighting conditions will have an impact on your security arrangements if you don’t think about how it will affect your ability to monitor what is going on in and around the building.

External cameras will have to be installed in conjunction with outside lighting that is motion-activated if you want to capture all the action and movements outside.

Alternatively, infrared technology is widely available on CCTV cameras if you need it.

Think about how well lit the areas you need to protect are and if there is insufficient light available, resolve this issue with cameras that allow you to capture images even when the area is in darkness.

CCTV has other benefits other than security

When you are trying to decide where to install the cameras it is worth thinking about the fact that surveillance and monitoring are not just about protecting your property and personnel.

If you are running retail premises there is an opportunity to gain some valuable insights regarding customer shopping habits and preferences.

Seeing how your customer behaves in your store can help you to improve their experience by spotting whether certain promotions are more interesting than others to shoppers, for example.

CCTV is primarily a way to protect your business from theft and damage but it can also give you some very useful visual customer feedback.

Cover all entry and exit points

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When it comes to choosing the physical location for your cameras there are several key points in and around the building that have to be on your list of priorities.

The obvious points to protect are any doors at the front, side, or back of the building.

About half of all burglaries are committed via entry through either the front or back door of premises.

Security and surveillance cameras in these vulnerable areas are an absolute must and it is essential that you have them installed at a height where it is going to be difficult to tamper or disconnect.

A good tip would be to enclose outdoor security cameras with a protective wire mesh.

Out of sight

Burglars will invariably attempt to break in without being seen and that means they will seek out any vulnerable parts of the building.

Adopt the mindset of a would-be burglar and seek to cover these less exposed areas with lighting and cameras

Capture perfect images

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Installing CCTV is the right thing to do to protect your business but it is essential that you get the strategy right if you want to derive the maximum benefit from your investment.

A good example of this would be when you end up with a camera system that is inadequate for your requirements and the images you capture are not good enough to help you catch the perpetrator.

You need good coverage when it comes to protecting doorways and windows and the way to achieve that aim is to use a wide dynamic range camera, which is designed to capture images that enjoy a good level of clarity.

Getting your security camera layout correct can be challenging and choosing the right type of camera and system can also be tricky if you don’t have any specific knowledge regarding what you need for your business premises.

Getting a professional to guide you with your choices should prove a good move and having the right sort of CCTV protection will provide peace of mind and protection.

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