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7 Best Mobile Spy Apps for 2020

There are numerous mobile spy apps that can be used to track phone activity. It has happened at least to everyone, once in a lifetime, that unstoppable desire to violate the privacy of others. It happens to know if your partner is cheating against you. Also, to understand the activities of the kids, it can be in use. And also to find how long your employees lose on mobile devices during working hours.

It seems obvious to admit that the simplest tool to verify the activity of a smartphone is getting hold of it. Even you can browse the history of the device, chats present, and so on. A device has brilliant and creative software. About 60-70% of mobile users adopt an Android platform. It is because the green robot operating system offers many features and possibilities compared to the competition.

Among the many possibilities offered by the numerous apps, we can also fully customize our smartphone to make use of it, such as to be able to act as a detective. And to spy remotely on wife, children, employees, and anyone else who aroused suspicion. Therefore, here you will make yourself aware of the seven best mobile checker tools for 2020.



It is a 100% legal application designed to keep an eye on children, employees, or loved ones. Surely the best you can find among the souk.

It constitutes of advanced software to intercept post on transcript app and track cellular calls. Hence, working as of similar in temperament among all in service systems and their graphic interface is very intuitive. Hence, making it ideal very user-friendly to operate among everyone, also those having less experience. Therefore, extensively under consideration among people.  Surely, it makes mSpy program out of the most attractive among those among in the souk. Spying on the cell phones can be feasible without having them among the hands. Therefore, spying can be in use comfortably out of the armchair at home via a fixed PC or tablet.

One more point to keep under consideration for mSpy also acts as controlling parenting and can remotely block smartphone applications. You can spot the prominent presence only in this software which cannot be seen existing in any other similar type.

The mCouple App


It is a hugely popular free app for Android and iPhones that allows you to monitor your partner’s phone by monitoring SMS, contacts, call history, and geographic location. In reality, it would also integrate a function dedicated to Facebook activities. But, for some time now, it has not been available. Another essential thing to note is that only the Android version of the App allows you to track SMS and calls; the iOS version does not have these functions.



It is one of the best anti-theft apps for Android, through which you can monitor the geographical position of your device. You can also choose to control it remotely. It’s free for the first week and then may pose some charges to you.

Couple Tracker


It is an application for Android that allows you to monitor SMS, call history, geographical location, and public status. You can also note down comments on Facebook. It is available in two versions, one of which is free and one paid, which has no limits on the number of the information displayed.



It is one of the best parental control apps available on Android and iOS. It allows you to find out the geographical position of the phone under control. Also, you can verify the list of the most frequently used applications, the call history, the SMS history, and much more. Its basic version is free, but there is also a paid version that offers control of social activities. You can also perform remote call blocking and many other extra functions.



Flexispy is one of the best spy software in the world for mobile telephony. In fact, according to many reviewers in the sector and many users who have tried it, it is challenging to find better. About this, the question may arise spontaneously. What makes it different from its competitors? Why is your SMS tracker particularly popular with parents? Why do they use it? Here is a unique, concise, and comprehensive answer. The Flexispy SMS Tracker is not only an option. It is an application that can work ultimately autonomously and is very powerful with features that no other competitor can offer.

Some of the best merits of using this are monitoring of cell phone audio and video calls and view all activities of PC and Mac phone users. Moreover, you can perform an addable operation on Android, iPhones, iPad, PC, and Mac. Indeed it has ore monitoring features than any other product.

Refog Phone Tracker


The Hoverwatch spyware has also become very popular, whether among couples, parents, or entrepreneurs. It is a technological application designed to track the activities of a target person via his mobile phone. Spying on a phone is now a common way to control the virtual movements of your offspring. Equipped with a variety of functions, this software called Hoverwatch allows you first to obtain the GPS position of the place or area where the child can be.

The Hoverwatch app is also an ideal solution for monitoring your children’s communication activities, whether it’s calls, SMS, private messages, and online accounts on social networks or communication applications such as Whatsapp or Skype. It also lets you perform the ability to remain invisible by acting remotely, monitoring of all text messages, and phone calls. Also, you can access to social media apps of the Whatsapp type or access to GPS with the possibility of geolocation.


Hence, you can hook on to these prominent seven best mobile apps for 2020 to spy. Moreover, they will let you grab hold of any suspicious activity. Do not despair; many have reported this problem of undergoing cheating. Therefore, these are an equally effective way to spy on a cell phone. You can also check if your partner is cheating on you.

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