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Improving Health And Safety In Your Retail Business

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When you are running a retail store, the way that the building is designed is so important. You need to make sure that all of your products are displayed well and the flow of the store encourages customers to browse more and make a purchase. You also need to think about health and safety, but that’s one thing that business owners tend to neglect. When you have a lot of members of the public in your store, it’s down to you to ensure their safety. If you don’t do that and somebody is injured while in the store, you will find yourself on the receiving end of a big compensation lawsuit, and that can seriously damage your business. If you haven’t really considered it before, here are some simple ways to improve health and safety in your retail business. 

Keep Walkways Clear 

Trips and falls are one of the biggest causes of injury, especially when the store is crowded. That’s why it’s important that you keep the walkways clear at all times so people do not trip over. The layout of the store is very important here because you need to make sure that you can fit all of the products and branding materials that you need in the store, but you need to make sure that you don’t overcrowd walkways either. It’s best to leave enough space for two or three people to walk through at one time so there is no danger of trips and falls during busy periods. 

Update The Flooring 

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The wrong flooring can also massively increase the likelihood of injuries. If the floors are very slippery and it’s easy for people to lose their balance, that’s a disaster waiting to happen. If you think that this may be a problem, get in touch with some flooring companies and look at your options. Concrete flooring is great for retail stores because it is very safe and it’s also easy to maintain, so you can keep the store looking great. 

Don’t Block Fire Exits 

When you are arranging your products and designing the layout of the store, it’s tempting to use every last bit of space available so you can get as many products on display as possible. However, it’s important that you don’t block off the fire exits in the building. If you are subject to a health and safety inspection and the fire exits are not easily accessible, you will be in big trouble and you may even be subject to a fine. 

Train Your Staff Properly 

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Your staff need to be given the right health and safety advice as part of their regular training, so they do not put themselves or others at risk. Simple things, like how to lift safely and how to use ladders if they need to reach higher shelves, all need to be covered. If an injury occurs and you haven’t given the right training, you are liable for that injury and you may find yourself in legal trouble. 

Remember these important tips and you will be able to ensure that you always meet health and safety standards in your retail store.

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