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Biggest Signs That Let You Know Entrepreneurship is in Your Future

In grade school, every teacher has asked their students “what do you want to be when you grow up?” typical responses included “firefighter,” “fairy princess,” and “veterinarian!” But never in the history of that question being asked has a student ever blurted out “I want to be an entrepreneur of a small business!” In the digital era that we live in now, it actually wouldn’t be a huge surprise if a 5-year-old actually said that because owning your own business is the new “American Dream.”

The only thing about living out that particular American Dream is that it’s not for everybody. From grade school we’re pressured to figure out what we want to do with our lives but with so many career options, how can you choose which career is right for you? And more importantly, how do you know if entrepreneurship is right for you?

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Well, there’s no clear-cut answer here nor is there a playbook that says if you do this or that, that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur. Do you know why there isn’t a cheat code to this? It’s because entrepreneurship isn’t determined by what you do, it’s determined by who you are and the qualities you possess as a person.

So you may not know off the top of your head if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur but there are qualities and characteristics you may have that are a telltale sign that entrepreneurship is right for you. Take a look and see if you possess any of them.

You’re a People Person

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Most people tend to think that by being an entrepreneur, you’re someone who doesn’t like being around people or who doesn’t work well with people… that’s not the case at all. Just because you might work alone, doesn’t mean that you lack social skills or don’t enjoy socializing with others.

In fact, in running your own business, you’re going to be interacting with all kinds of people from customers to vendors… having the social skills to interact with different types of personalities is going to be the very thing that helps you to establish positive working relationships. states that there are six people skills that every entrepreneur must possess.

You Plan Ahead

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Whether it’s Christmas shopping in July or jotting down your grocery list today for actual grocery shopping tomorrow, planning ahead is something you pride yourself on and it has made your life easier in many aspects. As a business owner, planning ahead is also something that will make your business run smoothly and also help you to avoid any potential business threats.

For example, you know that owning a business is full of potential threats that can do serious damage to your business. By planning ahead you can avoid some of those potential threats by investing in business insurance. This is a great way to protect your business before damages occur. And being the savvy person that you are, you’ll be able to find coverage that fits your budget too!

You’re Naturally Competitive

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Were you an athlete growing up? Were you that kids who wanted to be the first in everything? First in line, first to class, etc… if you have that competitive spirit in you, then entrepreneurship will be the biggest competition you’ve ever competed in! By becoming an entrepreneur, you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of other small businesses in the same industry as you and with a naturally competitive spirit, the odds that may be up against you don’t scare or intimidate you… it only fuels you to work even harder to make it to the top. So if competition gets your fire going, then you have a real shot at achieving success as an entrepreneur.

You Take Initiative to Do Things On Your Own

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In your current position at work, you come in to do your job… you don’t need anyone consistently telling you what to do and when to do it. It’s not necessarily that you don’t like people telling you what to do but it’s a problem for you when you know your job and you’re constantly taking initiative to get things done ahead of time, yet you’re still being told what to do and when to do it, it might be time for you to become your own boss so you can get things done in your own timely fashion.

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