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Case Study: How I Maximize My Day As A Full Time Entrepeneur

My name is Adam Eleiko, I have four small children, I run a  successful seven-figure business in less  than three hours a week, because I’ve  optimized, automated and outsourced  everything that I do.

Nearly two decades ago, I was working in construction on a big real estate development project, living a very  unhealthy lifestyle and mainly working  18 hours a day and when I was 23, I was  diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is a chronic inflammatory condition that  affects the digestive tract – it’s  extremely debilitating and considered to  be incurable.

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After a long journey of  self-tracking and self-experimentation, I  was able to overcome the illness, get off  my meds and go on to compete an Ironman France. In doing so, I created a system  of productivity that would allow me to  get more done in the one hour a day that  I was able to muster with a limited  amount of energy that I had (which includes building top shopify stores). So everything that I have done since then, from books to coaching and speaking in  classes has been about maximizing your  time and helping you reclaim it, so you  can do what you want to do, whatever that  may be.

To show you how to maximize your day  I consider myself to be a pretty  productive person, so I thought I would  share with you what my day looks like.

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I start every day at 4:45 in the morning  and I want to clarify that that is not  because I’m living up some bootcamp  military dream or I want to be like “The Rock” it’s because I have four small  children and it’s the only way that I  can get some time to myself – by waking up  before they do. I’m a big fan of working  with the constraints that you have that  you can not change right –  I can’t  necessarily make them get up later, but I  can get up earlier and I can certainly  go to bed earlier to achieve that. So I  start my day at 4:45 in the morning at  which point I get up and I immediately  check my phone –  most people will tell you that’s a bad  idea –  I don’t agree, if you know what  you’re doing and you’re productive and  you’re effective with the systems that  you use, then there’s no reason why you  wouldn’t want to. I check my email, I  check-slack, lookg though my aliexpress best sellers, check  all of my communication methods before I  even get on  to do my workout for the morning and  usually that takes me a couple of  minutes, honestly, just a couple minutes  and then I start my workout.

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For me  working out is one of two things either  I’m boxing and on the days that I am  sparring that is something that I  extremely look forward to –  it’s therapy  for me in a lot of ways, but the other  days it’s working out on the elliptical  machine at home, my wife and I have our  own elliptical machine at home that has  this program that goes with it, so you  put an iPad up and you can take hikes  through the Alps and things like that,  for some reason that works.

I work  out in the nude, it’s just something that  I get to do because it’s 5:00 in the  morning and I’m by myself and I don’t  want to waste any clothes, it’s just  something that I’ve worked out for  myself, I don’t think that ice only makes  you more productive but it’s something  that I do. After that I take a shower, I  shaved my head and everything else and  then I start getting stuff done in the  morning, I start taking some vitamins, I  make coffee and breakfast from my wife  first,  so that is sitting there already and  then I start to prepare lunches and  snacks for my kids.

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All of this is  stuff that’s getting done before it’s  even become 6:00 in the morning, at which  point I make myself a cup of coffee, because I don’t have breakfast, I am on a  program of intermittent fasting so my  first meal is not going to be until noon  any given day, but I will have myself a  cup of coffee and at that point I have  my cup of coffee and I’ll sit and I’ll  read something that’s on my phone or  finish up checking on some more emails  that might have come in because I’m  working with people all over the globe, so it’s very possible if somebody had  responded to me.

Once I’m done with that, then I get to  just sit with myself in silence until  somebody wakes up and usually that’s  anywhere from five to twenty minutes, I  wouldn’t go so far as to call it  meditation but there’s something very  powerful about being able to be still  with yourself and do nothing. At that  point the kids start to wake up and I  start making breakfast for everybody, then my wife and I are  getting everybody dressed, putting on  eight socks every morning is no small  feat, two different little people – I have  a seven year old, twin six year  olds and a three and a half year old, so  they’re all up they’re all moving around  and doing things and then at about  seven-thirty I become a chauffeur and  that’s when I take my twins and my  oldest son to school. First I take the  twins to their school and then I go and  they drive and I drop my son off at his  other school and which when I come back  to the house to help get my daughter  dressed and take her back to school, so  I’m shuttling around quite a bit in the  morning, I drop her off by 9 o’clock and  that is when my workday starts.

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The  work day for me is almost always from  9:00 to 2:30 that is it – I call that my  work day, that’s when I’m able to take  appointments or meetings but I’m by no  means working that entire time rarely if  ever is that entire time worked, but  typically 9:00 o’clock will be my check  in with my team, now I do what’s called  an “asynchronous” check in with my team so  we every day we’re on the same page, but  we’re checking in at different times at  the same shared medium, so my team is  scattered across the country we check in  tell them what we’re gonna be working on  today and what our biggest obstacles are.

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Then I might have a call or two but most  of my day that’s work-related is focused  on producing content, so I might be  making videos, I might be recording a  podcast or two and that’s generally my  focus in the morning. I have a peak time  of between 10:00 and noon so that’s when  I get most of that done.

At noon is when  I have my first meal and most of the  days that is a monster smoothie that I  make myself, that  is my first meal of the day and I will  only eat in a six hour window, so I’m  going to be eating from 12:00 to 6:00, which  encompasses dinner because I have young  children. In the afternoon is when I’ll  take calls that’s when I’m going to be  doing coaching calls or sales calls if  I’m doing those, but that’s just when I  found that I’m better on the phone and  that’s a typical day for me.

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Now  at 2:30 all of that stops and I start  the whole round again of school pickups, where first I go to get my daughter  bring her back home and then I go back  and I get the boys and school pick up, our school drop offs and stuff stops at  around 4:15 at which point we’re home, I’m not doing any more work at that  point, the phone is put away and it’s  family time – usually helping the kids  with their homework, there’s usually some  iPad time that happens then and we’re  just sort of getting ready and prepare  dinner, my wife cooks dinner every single  day which I’m very grateful for and  then I eat it and that all happens by 6  o’clock, at which point we’re starting to  get the kids ready for bed, whether it’s bath or starting to wind  down and finish homework or reading  whatever might be and generally speaking, about 8 o’clock all of the kids are  asleep and then it’s back downstairs to  start cleaning up a little bit, preparing  some stuff for the next day and usually  my wife and I get to watch a show or two  before I completely pass out by 10  o’clock at night and that is everything  that I get done in a given day.

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So, as you  can probably tell from that description – the majority of my day is not focused on  my business and in fact I do everything  I can to minimize the amount of time I  spend in my business, so that I can focus  more on my family. That’s my priority  and there’s no judgment either way –  your  priority is whatever yours is, you may  not have a family to focus on right now, maybe the business is where you want to  focus the key is that your time is your  time and if you don’t set your schedule  and you don’t decide what you’re going to  do with it – somebody else will do it for  you.

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