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Search Engine Marketing Works: Are You Employing These 3 Key Strategies of Your Competitors?

According to Info Entrepreneurs, knowing who your competitors are and learning more about them is critical in order to be successful. By watching their every move, you can better understand the gaps in your market and what exactly that you can personally focus on for your own business.

One specific area of your competitors’ businesses that you should be focusing a great deal on is their marketing. What platforms are they marketing on? Who do they appear to be marketing to? Are there are specific techniques that they use when marketing their business?

I know, I know. It’s a lot to take in. But would if we helped you figure out which three key strategies your competitors are using for their marketing that you might not be? Luckily for you, those key strategies are listed below!

1. Searching for the best keywords via keyword tools

SEO keywords for search engine marketing can be generated on the top of your head, or better yet, you can use keyword tools that can help you come up with the best short- and long-tailed keywords.

The keywords these instruments come up with may surprise you. You may have never thought that a certain keyword would be commonly-searched for until you used one of these tools. That’s why they exist: to make things easier for you and to help open your eyes to keywords you never thought of on your own.

2. Opting for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising


The whole point of search engine marketing is gaining traffic through the use of the right SEO keywords. SEO is certainly free. However, companies whose SEO skills aren’t the greatest or who are looking to boost the non-organic traffic to their website are most likely interested in engaging in pay-per-click advertising.

PPC advertising isn’t free (hence its name), but it’s one of the many ways most of your competitors are staying on top of their game. Popular PPC search engine advertising platforms include Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

3. Using a digital marketing agency

The Key Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

You’re an expert at business and what your business is known for providing, not necessarily marketing. Although marketing is a subcategory of business, the truth is, marketing bores or even confuses a lot of business owners. They’d rather do what they love, make profit, and not worry about the technical, behind-the-scenes aspects of their business.

But that’s not how you keep and attract new customers; marketing is critical. But if you lack the time, knowledge, skill, and/or interest in marketing, our best advice is to use a digital marketing agency to help you with that process. Agencies are marketing experts, and all you have to do is sit back while they bring results to you. Chances are, your competitors are using one already!


Marketing is by no means an easy task. From figuring out your target audience to attracting new customers to your business through the use of the right SEO keywords, it can be complex stuff. But when you employ the latter three strategies into the search engine marketing aspect of your business, you, too, can enjoy the fruits of your labor, just like your competitors.

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