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Snoopza Free Keylogger for Android: Best Free Spy Monitoring Tool

You can secretly keep an eye on android phones and other mobile devices by using free keylogger for android like Snoopza. It will allow you to check the activities of your employees and children on the android phone you have provided them to remain in contact with you. It can also allow you to monitor their communications, to-do list, and geo-location at any time.

What type of control is possible these days?

By using a keylogger, you can easily control the activities of your employees and children on mobile android devices, including Smartphones and tablets, etc. you have provided them to communicate with you. Employers and parents usually give Smartphones to their children and employees to remain in contact with them. Still, often, they misuse this provision when they observe that no one is monitoring them.

They use these devices for unproductive works like talking with buddies, watching movies, sharing information via social networks as well as visiting sites with adult substances. All these unproductive activities distract children from their education and employees from their workplace responsibilities. A keylogger can help you in controlling their actions on the internet as you can know their location, track their outgoing and incoming messages and calls plus their contacts.

Control from your phone that may be more convenient?

An android keylogger allows you to follow the target phone more conveniently by using your phone. You need not chase your children and employees personally to monitor their activities and location. Your phone can track them effectively with the assistance of a free keylogger even without being recognized by the holder of the targeted device.

Why is it easy to use free keylogger Snoopza?

It is effortless to use Snoopza, a free keylogger, as you can install it at the device you want to track very conveniently without being visible to its users. You can start using this keylogger to monitor the things done on the target device just after installing it.

What are the essential features of this free app?

The main features of this free keylogger may include:

Record Calls: It can also keep the record of the conversations on calls plus audio messages.

Track Calls: This free app can help you in tracking all the incoming and outgoing attended and missed calls from the target cell phone.

Cell Phone Spy: Keylogger, like Snoopza, can be used to spy the android device without being visible to its user. 

Manage SMS: It can also save the text, audio, and video messages sent or received on the focused phone in the form of SMS and MMS.

Facebook Spy: Messages and files shared through Facebook can also be tracked with the help of a free keylogger.

Viber Spy: It can also track the audio and video messages as well as calls sent and received through Viber.

Snapchat spy: This keylogger app can also be used to monitor the activities on social media networks by using the aimed device.

WhatsApp spy: It can also detect the text, audio, and video messages and calls made through WhatsApp.

Check Contacts: If you want to get the list of contact of your child or employee, even then, this app can help you.

Screenshots: You can also get certain important information regarding the targeted phone with the help of this keylogger as it creates a screenshot of that phone.

Track calendar: You may also track the schedule and list of programs created by your employee or child through this keylogger.

Stealth Mode: The user of the focused device cannot know that he is being tracked as this app works in stealth mode.

Track Internet History: You can also use Snoopza to get a notification on the history of browsing and the websites visited by the user of the cell phone in question.

Track Camera: The front camera of the focused phone will click and record the photo of the person who is using it as soon as the phone is unlocked.

Track Geo-location: You can also use this app to monitor the geographical location of the device.

Detect SIM Card Replacement: It will give you a notification and continue to work if your child or employee replaces the SIM card of his android phone.

What are the paid features of the Snoopza spy app?

Snoopza offers some of the basic features for free like Track Calls, Track Internet History, Manage SMS, and Track Geolocation. Its Standard paid features include Viber Spy, Record Calls, WhatsApp Spy, Facebook spy, Screenshot, stealth mode, Snapchat spy, Check Contacts, Track To-do List and Detect SIM card Replacement and Track Camera, along with basic features.

What shall I know to download and install the keylogger on my android phone?

To install Snoopza on your phone, you need not have any technical knowledge. You can install this keylogger easily on the focused device in just three steps:

Sign up: At first, you must access the website of and sign up to open your account.

Installation: Now, you can install this keylogger on the focused device by downloading it by using your account.

Start monitoring: Just after installing this device, you can begin keeping an eye on the activities on that device.

The advantages and disadvantages of such a keylogger Snoopza


  • You may use this app to know the Geo-location of the device of your employee or child
  • It can allow you to monitor the messages immediately when they are sent or received at the device. 
  • You can use some of its features for free.


  • It can be used with android devices only
  • This application can be installed on the device under surveillance when it is physically present there.

Conclusions and consequences

The information provided in this write-up reveals that Snoopza is a free keylogger for android devices. It can allow the employees and parents to track the activities of their child or employee on the android device they have provided them to remain in their contact. It can help them to know if they are misusing this facility.

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