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Amazon Selling 101: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Basics

Worldwide no one can deny the power of Amazon. Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1994 to be the most prominent e-commerce brand in the world. His vision is coming true; hence the arrow is pointing from A to Z in the logo. Whether a consumer is looking to buy a new, recycled, or even a hand-made product, their first resource is to turn to Amazon. 

It has changed the way so many of us make purchases and how business is accomplished. Big Commerce notes that Amazon has over 300 million active customers, reaches 180 countries, with 90 million Prime subscribers in the U.S. alone. Finances Online pointed out in 2020; Amazon dominated e-commerce in the United States by over 49 percent. Especially in these uncertain times, many choose to do the majority of their shopping from the safety of their home, as getting into physical stores seems like a lot of work these days. 

A System That Works

Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. The Amazon FBA program is vital in taking another step toward starting or shifting your business into the digital space. Amazon’s FBA program can help you scale your business and reach more customers. The program allows any size business to get their products in front of millions of customers. It also allows you to leverage Amazon’s first-class customer service and storage capabilities.

It should be stated that about half of all sales on Amazon come from third-party sellers. Out of the top 10,000 sellers, 66% of them use FBA. With FBA, the business stores their products at one of Amazon’s 180 fulfillment centers, and Amazon packs, ships, and provides customer service for the products. Amazon will take care of the entire transaction up to your customer’s doorstep.

How To Get Started

Guide to Starting a ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ Business

FBA’s specialized services can help you grow your business without new investments in capital or staffing. If your business is ready for the next level and looking to simplify its procedures, it’s simple. Create your selling account and login to sign up for FBA. Add your product listings to your Amazon Catalog, specifying inventory. Prepare your products for transport to a fulfillment center; once you have your shipping plan, print Amazon identification labels. When received by Amazon, they’re available to purchase.

Tools For Sellers

12 Powerful Amazon Marketing Tools Most People Don’t Know

It’s imperative to understand how to use Amazon tools to help your products get discovered. With a bit of research, ingenuity, and creativity, you can boost sales by using adequate keywords to help your business stand out. The Search Engine Journal reminds business owners it’s essential to use the feature of Amazon’s keyword ranking tool, which assists in getting your product sold. Take advantage of the report that you can download from Amazon for search terms with advertising efforts. 

Staying ahead of the game as an Amazon seller can be challenging, but Repricing software makes it easier. It would be tedious to continuously monitor your competitors’ prices and manually update your prices in response. The best way around this otherwise impossible-to-manage workload is this tool, which lets sellers automatically compare and adjust their products’ prices against competitors.

Amazon’s FeedbackExpress is a powerful, cloud-based management software that helps sellers automate and manage their communication with buyers. This useful tool helps keep track of your reviews, getting more of them, and pro-actively email buyers to ensure a smooth experience. The service also monitors seller feedback and can alert you right away when a customer leaves negative feedback, allowing you to address the issue quickly and restore your reputation. With this tool, you will be more productive and gain customers who rely on others’ reviews.

TaxJar is one of the best available tools for keeping track of what sales tax you owe to each state and helps you file taxes for the selected state automatically. This feature allows you to sync your Amazon account directly with the software. In the end, it will save you valuable time and money. 

Positive Business Insights 

How Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

Generating happy customers who are loyal to your brand can be accomplished. Amazon’s customer service network stretches around the globe, providing assistance around the clock. When you list products with FBA, they are eligible for free shipping. Customer inquiries, refunds, returns, and much more are handled by Amazon, saving you precious time. Amazon has genuinely become a trailblazer when it comes to e-commerce. When you use FBA and take advantage of the correct tools, your time can be spent growing your business or taking a vacation, rather than managing customer service.

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