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Tips for Finding the Perfect Location

You have probably heard the phrase location, location, location, to describe how important location is for a business. But the question is how do you find the perfect location for your life? There are many factors that go into finding the perfect location for living, for a business, or for a break and the process can cause stress. This stress can be reduced if you spend time really thinking about what the best location for each part of your life would look like for you. There is a perfect location out there for us all. 

For Living

1 House, 40 Roommates? During Covid, Co-Living Adds Up

One of the most important location choices we each make is where we decide to live. Places that feel like a home are more than just four walls and a roof. Some choose to buy a house, others like coliving, while others choose to rent. Some choose to live in a big city and others choose to live in rural areas. These choices might be influenced by the location of someone’s job or where their extended family lives. When choosing a place to live for now or forever it is important to reflect on what you really need from the location of your home. Holistic concerns might include access to public transportation, walkability, or availability of parking spots. If you have school aged children access to childcare or schools might be a concern. If you love spending time in the great outdoors access to parks or natural wonders might be key. Finding the perfect location for your home means finding a location which has access to everything you need to thrive in your life, no matter what that looks like to you.

For Your Business

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Business

The location of a business, no matter if it is a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, is vital in being able to succeed. If you choose the wrong location you might find yourself pushed out of the market. The good news is this does not mean that you need to go to real estate school in order to figure out what kind of location would be best. For some businesses it is important to have a physical location in a place where lots of people are going to be walking by. For others foot traffic does not matter because they are a specialist store that people will go out of their way to go to. For still other businesses it turns out that the best location is simply to be online and not have to pay the costs of rent or upkeep on a physical store. There is no one size fits all model for picking a location that will work for all businesses. While there are many factors in finding the perfect location for your business once you find that sweet spot the sky’s the limit. So take some time to think outside the box and determine what location means for your businesses and where you can find that location within your local community. 

For a Break

The 20 Best Places To Travel In 2021: Where To Go Next

No matter what your day to day life looks like there will come a time when you need to take a break from it all. Sometimes taking a break means going on a long trip to a National Park  or other noteworthy location that you can come home and tell your friends and family all about. Sometimes taking a break means booking a night at a local hotel or a day at a local spa in order to get away from it all. Sometimes taking a break means going to a local natural attraction, a forest or beach or park, and having the chance to relax in nature. Sometimes a break looks like a staycation where you spend some time putting yourself first and making time for the activities you love but never have time for otherwise. A break can occur close to home or halfway across the world. The key is to find ways to unplug from work and family responsibilities for a little while. There have been studies that if we take a break we come back more refreshed, more creative, and more effective in all aspects of our lives. So where are you going to go the next time you need a break?

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