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3 Apps to Help Improve Your Physical and Emotional Fitness

We live slap bang in the middle of the digital era, and as a result, more and more of the different elements of our lives are being outsourced to the


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Make Dad’s Day Special With The Latest Tech Gifts

With Father’s Day on your mind, you’ve probably spent some time brainstorming for the perfect gift, but don’t worry if all your mental callisthenics has amounted to nothing. You’re in


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Life Hacks: How Geeks Can Stay Healthy

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the life of a geek is far from what some might call healthy. Most of us spend a lot of time at computer desks or


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Making Sports Fun Again

Sports have been hard to follow at times this year. Not in the literal sense, as you can still find scores and updates all over the place, from your smartphone


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How To Self-Prepare For The Future As A Web Designer

It is written in our DNA to prepare ourselves for the future; mankind wouldn’t have evolved without a perpetual concern about the state of tomorrow. The web designers are also