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Marketing Against Misinformation: How to Reverse Negative Consumer Perception

A small amount of businesses have reputations that are practically bullet-proof. However, the reality is that most companies don’t enjoy such an advantage. While the internet is an amazing marketing


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How to Stay Positive in Business

Recognize that business is a complicated and busy lifestyle, and if you’re feeling it, so too will your colleagues. Negativity doesn’t just mean going through difficult times – it means


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Rise in Complaints Against Payday Lenders

Over the past few years, payday lenders have been in and out of the limelight, mostly for negative reasons. For those who do not know, the payday lending market is


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40+ Fresh & Creative Minimal Art & Film Poster Designs Inspiration

If it’s one thing we love, it’s clever poster designs. Some of the most clever designs I ever see are minimalist. I Absolutely love these star wars & 8-bit Alternate


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35 Creative, Funny & Awesome Poster Print Design Inspirations

We are used to seeing posters as a means of advertising or portraying a message, However, they can be fun and pointless too. Here are some awesomely Unique Posters that


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#WDNDL For 9/07/2009 – Design, jQuery & CSS Tips, Inspirations & More!

Enhancing Your Art with Negative Space | Tutorial9 Good points on Negative Space! (tags: design tutorial tips art photography graphicdesign illustration logo information documentation space) HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet