Psst…Here’s How To Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction!

We all strive for customer satisfaction with our business ventures. Ideally, we’d live in a world where our customers were always satisfied with our practices and continually used our services.


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Should You Use Consumer Testimonials on Your Website? Yes, You Should

Are reviews the new form of advertising? Some experts would say so. Customer testimonials generate lots of sales power, and when done right, they are relatable, credible and influential. Here


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Printing For Less – Affordable Online Digital Printing Service Review

Hey Guys! We have an awesome review for you today, with the awesome folks over at Printing For Less. I had the honor of reviewing their company & services and


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How To Build A Successful & Effective Online Web Portfolio

The majority of the people, interested in launching an online presence, don’t have the same acknowledgement in web design and network applications as the ones involved in – and working


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#WDNDL For 11/17/2009 – CSS Box Model Intro, Tech News, & Inspiration!

Tutorials and Courses – W3C The often overlooked Tutorials created by the W3C – Great for beginners (tags: w3c css html tutorials web tutorial webdesign xml) Microsoft's Pseudo Sudo Patent