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Mobile Application Testing vs Web Application Testing

Testing a mobile application, which has the potential to be used by thousands, is very different from testing a web application, which is often considered “local” and is only used


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Four Web Design Mistakes That Designers Still Make

Web design has evolved tremendously. Much of this can be attributed to the numerous studies that have been devoted to concepts like user experience and design elements such as typography.


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4 Tips to Improve Employee-Customer Interactions

Despite the digital world encroaching on nearly every aspect of our lives and taking up more of our time than ever, employee-customer interactions are still vital to sustained success in


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5 Companies That Made Mobile Apps Work For Them!

The recent growth in on-demand markets has undoubtedly been defined as activity designed by companies that aim to fulfil customer demand via the immediate supply of goods and services. Demand


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UI/UX Then and Now

Constant evolution – look around you in the world of technology and you’ll see it everywhere. Nothing stays the same for very long, nothing is static. It’s one of the


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Elevate Your Understanding of B2B Usability: Five Easy Tips

Driving visitors to a B2B website is not an easy task and several B2B marketers spend tons of money on promoting their websites. Some use traditional marketing tactics for promotion,


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Content over Chrome: Metro Design

Metro Designs – Style Development The word Metro is getting tossed around a lot in the web design and development community. This can obviously be attributed to Microsoft’s talk about