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Creative Advertising In These 90+ Epic, Smart & Beautiful Ads

Everyone loves ads. They used to be pretty boring and useless, but these days advertising is awesome, epic, and most of the time hilarious! Today we have put together some of the best advertisements that we have seen this year. They are fresh, clever, and creative! So I hope you guys enjoy these ads, I hope they make you think, and make you laugh, and most of all I hope they inspire you to do something creative with your projects! Enjoy!

Aishti Campaigns

Advertising by Jean Yves Lemoigne

Forbes: Billionaires Ad Campaign

Donald Trump

Eike Batista

Richard Branson

Bill Gates – Microsoft

Tiger Woods

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

Nomad Skateboards Ads

Interflora Advertisements

Avelar Machado Antique Bookstore Ads

Veja for iPad – Finger Advertisements

Upload Cinema Ads

These are HILARIOUS lol. making fun of popular youtube videos getting old. classic.

АEROFLOT 2012 Ad Campaign

General Electric Advertising Material

Discovery Channel – Thrill of Discovery Advertising Ad Campaign

STAR WARS Identities Exhibition Ads

OHMERGERDD STARWARSS!! Love how these are “put together” by different things

The Avengers Assemble at Target Ad Campaign

Target – A Superhero in Every Aisle. Cool Idea!

Star Trac 2012 Ad Campaign

Red Bull BC One 2011 – Director’s Cut

VORWERK Stadt der Milben (Mite City)

This is an epic vacuum commercial. Reminds me of Minecraft haha.

Coca-Cola | Contest Ad

What was your favorite ad this year? Let us know below! We’d love to see it!

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    These are some really nice ads. I love advertising and am always looking for some inspiring ads. Thanks for sharing.

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