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Cheap Tricks To Total Business Marketing

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Marketing a business is tougher than it has ever been before. We have more business to compete with, and while our exposure has a lot more uncapped potential due to the internet, it now means we have to shout that much louder than before to be heard above the rest. There are always handy little tools you can use to get the business higher up the rankings or get more shares on social media, but a lot of them are expensive investments which you may not be in a position to pay out for. Luckily there are relatively cheap and simple methods you can use.

Register The Business On A Listing Service

This is great if you are trying to get the attention of the locals. You can register your business on a listing site, such as Google Places, and it will appear in search engine results. It is always a pleasant surprise to find out that something you are looking for which may be quite niche is stored locally.

Get Blogging

It is a common practice now, but if you haven’t started a blog, it is an excellent method to make your company more personable. The best part is that a blog can be about anything, whether starting an online business or personal opinions, so long as it links well to your business, it can really do some wonders for you. If you don’t know what to write about, or your skills are limited in that area, you can use a guest poster. Look at sites around the web to find guest blogging sites for inspiration, or if you wanted to post on another site.

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Search Engine Optimization

There are many tricks you can use to push your business up the rankings on search engines, and it is all to do with how the search engine reads your site. Using less Flash images and having more than 250 words in content are a couple of ways to help push yourself further up the rankings. If you have an IT expert in your midst, then this will be much easier to accomplish.

Going Across The Different Platforms

Creating content for YouTube or Flickr is part of the norm now. So you need to make that content more engaging than ever before. While we can all create a banner or a video, you need to have that little extra special thing to help it carry across to the audience. You can do podcasts or make a mobile app that links to the business, the possibilities are endless now. Get creative and aim for the stars. There is no limit anymore due to the amount of people you can reach.

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Make A Press Release

If you have done something you think is newsworthy, create a press release, it’s a great method to get easy publicity. If your business is heavily involved in the environment or local issues, blow your own trumpet! There are many media websites that will do it for free.

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    I would tag this blog post as step by step key for business marketing! By the way, I’ve always been interested in exploring free means to promote business and get some leads. Press releases, guest blogging and a little onsite optimization always does magic for me. Thank you Andy for sharing your valuable thoughts with us!

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