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Law Firm SEO Tips To Help Improve Rankings

All thanks to technology, the overall façade of marketing has changed and improved. Rather than being limited to the more traditional means, there are already many strategies that come into play when it comes to online marketing. These strategies are helpful to promote a business’s availability to potential customers businesses.

As a law firm, you’re in the business of practicing a profession. To stay competitive, your law firm should also have a robust online presence. This means that you must learn to adhere to the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better rankings.

That said, here are some of the best SEO tips for law firms:

1. Determine Your Target Keywords

The target keywords of law firms differ and are dependent on the specific law services that you offer. Early on, it’s imperative to start with this step, that is, identifying and determining the right keywords. The more precise and accurate your keywords are, the higher the chance of generating high-quality traffic to your site.

Here’s how you can properly determine your law firm’s keywords:

  • Identify the kind of searches that’ll lead Internet users to your law firm
  • Consider your specific area of practice and write the associated keywords
  • Try searching on search engines using your identified keywords to check the results that would pop up

If you need help determining the right keywords, it’s best to ask the assistance of a local SEO agency to help out.

2. Incorporate Link Building

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Should Be Using

Link building refers to the practice of linking your law firm’s website to that of other law firms’ sites. While you may consider other sites as your competition, especially those that offer the same law services like yours, another way to go about it is linking to other websites that are practicing a different field of specialization as you are. That way, you’re still effectively link building, without linking to those in the same locality that are providing the same field of specialization as you are.

Link building is a very effective SEO for law firms. This strategy builds a higher level of trust and reputability to your firm.

3. Optimize Your Home Page

The home page of your website is similar to the front desk of your brick-and-mortar law firm office. Since it’s one of the very first things that clients see, you’ve got to optimize it.

Optimizing your website means that all of the necessary information is already found on your website. Additionally, navigation should be easy.

That being said, here are more important information that should be present on your home page include:

  • Your law firms’ contact information
  • Your firms’ address
  • A chatbot that leads to a customer representative that potential clients can talk to before going to your physical office
  • Tabs that contain different cases that you’ve handled
  • Information about all the lawyers on your team

4. Apply Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is a part of Search Engine Optimization techniques. Apart from having a website per se, boosting your online presence can also be done by being active on social media. Particularly so with Facebook and Instagram, where many social media users are present during their idle time.

Thus you can use social media to your advantage by using it as the channel to keep your target customers and clients updated with your services. Have you recently undergone training and further education? Post this. Are there updates in the law that you’re equipped with? Post it.

Don’t also forget to post links to your site on your social media site. That way, you’re also boosting your competitive advantage by increasing the strength of your online presence.

5. Ensure That Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website means that your law firm website can also be easily accessible through mobile phones; the format doesn’t get distorted. As a majority of Internet users today are scrolling on their mobile phones, this is a fundamental SEO technique to comply with.

When your website isn’t optimized for mobile view, your potential clients won’t have a pleasant experience browsing through your site. Chances are, they’re going to leave your page in favor of another that’s easier to browse through.

6. Add Your Firm’s Website To Google My Business

Google My Business is like the Google Maps of businesses. But, it’s improved to a higher level.

Your potential clients aren’t only presented with directions to your office. But, they’re also given information, such as contact details, recommendations, ratings, and even photos. In essence, it’s like a digital address book.

The presence of your law firm on Google My Business can effectively improve your page’s rankings.


Despite it seeming entirely redundant and repetitive, Search Engine Optimization still holds its title as the backbone of digital marketing. SEO has stood amidst the passage of time because of its constant success and effectivity.

As a law firm, you’re also going to be faced with the challenge of looking for new clients. Start with these tips, and you’re sure to achieve a higher ranking for your law firm.

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