Keeping Your Company Compliant in a Digital Age

A lot of people work hard to build their businesses, yet it doesn’t take much for all that hard work to fall apart due to a seemingly small issue, error, or challenge that has the potential to derail your entire business.

When you have worked hard to build up your business, the last thing you want is for it to be destroyed by a safety, security or compliance issue

In the majority of cases, these risks can easily be foreseen and therefore managed but some are subtle, for instance, think about the effect ending up on a spam blacklist (with regard to email marketing) could have on your business performance as a result of overwhelming people with content… which is why more and more people are enlisting the assistance of email list validation tools.

This article looks at a number of ways to proactively keep your business safe and compliant.


Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology

This point might seem very obvious, but whether it was intentional or not, it can land you in serious hot water if you are not keeping up to date with your taxes or there are accuracy issues.  That said, being compliant isn’t limited to obvious issues such as tax compliance, health and safety at work or discrimination issues.


7 Types of Insurance You Need to Protect Your Business

A decent business insurance policy is worth its weight in gold, as whilst it can feel painful to part with the monthly premiums, in the case of an emergency having this safety net has an incredible amount of value; particularly if you are running a small business or are just getting started as this means you often don’t have the cashflow security of larger businesses in order to weather the storm.


6 Steps to Keeping Your Company Data Secure in the Cloud

Protecting your data in the modern world is extremely important, not just from a compliance perspective, but on the basis all your work is usually stored on a computer – whether this is marketing material, business plans or customer records.  You might want to think about using a cloud storage application such as Google Drive in order to keep files safe.


Employees Working On Their Personal Devices? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business Data.

Today, within most businesses, we have so many gadgets of such great value, yet we take their value for granted both in economic and social terms.


Mobile phones, for instance, have become are so prominent in our daily lives that they are almost an extension of who we are; they have gone from being a mere phone to something akin to a personal assistant, bank card, mobile office, a camera, a video camera and a personal organiser.  Indeed, your smartphone is the modern equivalent of a swiss army knife and contains so much of your important information that’s vital for your business it must be protected.


See, our gadgets play a huge role in our lives and even more so if you are a business owner that manages a business, yet we take these gadgets for granted and unconsciously assume they are somewhat indestructible – when in truth they are incredibly fragile technological devices.

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