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Life Improving Mobile Technology Developments


Human existence is relying more on technology with every new tech development. Nowadays there’s an app for just about everything, or a device that can assist with day-to-day tasks. That


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Top Mobile Design Trends for 2018

Top Mobile Design Trends for 2018 (2)

If you’d like to keep up with latest developments in mobile design, read below our predictions as to what design trends will be most popular in 2018. For convenience, we



How To Develop A Mobile Application Users Will Love

How to develop a mobile application which will be very popular among users 21jpg

Your objective market’s needs assume a basic part with regards to the improvement of a quality mobile app. Be that as it may, an examination indicates a significant noteworthy separation


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What is the difference between a Mobile App and Mobile Website?

What is the difference between a Mobile App and Mobile Website 14

Gone are the days when phones were just used for making calls and sending text messages, the sleek and smart mobiles offer a lot more than that. According to a


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7 Powerful Apps to Boost Your Productivity in College


As a college student who wants to utilize technology to revolutionize his learning experience and revamp his/her education life, there are some apps developed just for you. These apps help


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Back to the Basics: Make Sure Your Business Has These Fundamental Needs Covered

Digital Online Marketing Commerce Sale Concept

All businesses, great and small, start out as a seed of an idea planted in the mind of the founder. Every one of them started out with the best intentions.



Samsung Galaxy On Max Loaded with Features at Optimum Price

Samsung Galaxy On Max Loaded with Features at Optimum Price 3

Ever since Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy On Max , there has been a surge of attention from Samsung lovers and customers who want a nice phone at


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Review : Xnspy for iPhone – A Remote Monitoring Spyware App

A Spyware App for iPhone for Remote Monitoring 1

You don’t need to be a hacker to snoop on someone’s iPhone. There are alternatives available and among the many, I happened to find Xnspy. It’s a spyware app for