Nerdy Daily Web Development and Design Links :: Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 11/02/2008 Nerdy Daily Links

So this has been a good productive weekend for me, getting some programming work done for clients AND getting startup stuff done as well! I hope you guys have gotten a lot out of Daily Nerdy Links posts this weekend! I hope all you Subscribers are getting what you need! If not, Please send me some comments or suggestions! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take something away from these nerdy web techy web developer/designery Resources! Now for the good stuff!

A Look into the Code Behind YouTube

Typography Love

Freelancer Tips

Flash Tutorials

Windows 7. Too Little, Too Late?

Web Developer/Designer Inspirations and Resources

WordPress Tutorials

PHP Tutorials

Social Networking

Freebies! (probably my favorite section)

Twitter Stuff

iPhone News

Google News

Cool Techy Nerdy Gear

WordPress Themes

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