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20 Creative & Wicked Awesome Print Music Poster Design Inspirations

Music gigs are one of the primary ways that touring musicians make money, so there is a lot of planning and marketing that goes into a music gig. The band, the venue, and promoters will all work to get the word out in order to get as many patrons as possible.

Because of the need for promotion, designers are often enlisted to create awesome music event and promotional posters to help attract patrons. Music is a great subject to design around, and the possibilities are limitless.

Here’s 20 awesome music poster designs that showcase effective music poster printing.

Poster by Beaucoupzero

Daft Punk by Slemish

Guimarães JAZZ 2009 by Atelier Martino&Jana


Electronique by mindfux

Blackout by Demen1

Music for Your Eyes by B-positive

Keep Those Records Spinning by cube1987

Boreal Festival Posters by Alejandra Roman

Stel Christian Cambas Poster by SeBDeSiGN

Holy Noisenight by Edustries

Treasure Fingers by Ben Kamprath

Lies and Fish by goodmorningvoice

The Long Winters by goodmorningvoice

Design Music by RichardTheRough

Fantastic Noise by Diego Bellorin

A State of Mind by Fredrik Oscarsson

Music by Jonl521

royksopp + whitest boy alive by ale64

Gig Poster by Robi Stalder

What was your favorite? Leave it in the comments below!

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