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A Tribute To Clients From Hell

I have worked with clients as a freelancer for years now, and like most of you, I have met many a client from hell. We have all had bad clients. Some are worse than others but we can all relate to the stories we hear because we know dat feel! Today we have some of the funniest, and most unfortunate examples of this client abuse that the freelancers of the world deal with on a daily basis. Whether you are a freelancer or not, you can definitely laugh (or cry) along with us as we go through these hilarious posters, tweets, and videos from all over the web. We have some hilarious excerpts from “Clients from Hell”, some fantastic artworks assembled by Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy over at Sharp Suits, and much much more – so kick back and relax and have some laughs. If you are a client, take note please so that you don’t repeat any of these mistakes lol. The posters are super creative, client feedback turned into art!! So hopefully they can inspire you on some of your current or future work :D, they are bloody clever! There are also a lot of nightmare client resources at the end so check those out too! Whatever you are working on I hope you ENJOY!

Hilarious book. Perhaps send it to your worst client? LOL jk. Kinda.

Dealing With Nightmare Clients

Here There Be Dragons! Dealing with Nightmare Clients & Challenges As A Freelance Designer

Nightmare Clients… and how to tame them


Another brilliant freelance client frustration video that if you haven’t seen, you must. lol.

How A Web Design Goes Straight To Hell

Clients From Hell

Warning: NSFW! cuz LANGUAGE!! lol but THIS is HILARIOUS.

Please design a logo for me. With pie charts. For free.

A Hilarious client email exchange piece from comedian David Thorne. hahaha.

What was your favorite Client from Hell poster or story? Have a nightmare client horror story you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks For Reading!

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    Some of those are SO on spot! I can totally empathize both from my experience as an in-house designer and as a freelancer.

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