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30 Beautiful Floral Vector Resources

Can you recall where you heard the term “flora and fauna”? Yes in your junior school geography class.

Flora and fauna refers to plants and wildlife of a particular region or time. So when we say something like “the flora and fauna of northern Ireland” we mean what kinds of plants and what kinds of animals are found in northern parts of Ireland.

Both these words have their roots in Latin. The word flora comes from the name Flora, the goddess of flowers in Roman mythology. Similarly the word fauna comes from the name Fauna, the sister of Faunus who is believed to be the good spirit of the forest and plains.

Below we have compiled a list of 30 floral vector resources which you can use to design beautiful things. You can use them to design a website, a social media profile, a book cover, etc.

Since they all are vectors, you shouldn’t have any problem in resizing them to your desired size.

1. Floral Vector Background

2. Flower Vector with Humming Bird Vector

3. Floral Banner

4. Floral Flowers Background

5. Vintage Floral Design Vector Graphic

6. Floral Design

7. Floral Hairstyle Silhouette

8. Floral Sphere

9. Floral Headphones

10. Floral Set

11. Floral Heart

12. Floral Ornament Vectors

13. Glowing Floral Background

14. Green Swirl Floral Vector

15. Grunge Floral Background

16. Spring Floral Vector

17. Floral Background Vector

18. Floral Swirls

19. Simplistic Floral Background

20. Flower vector background

21. Floral Vector Design

22. Floral Vector Arts

23. Green Floral Design Vector

24. Floral Violet Vector Graphic


26. Floral Tree

27. Spring Floral Background

28. Vector Florals

29. Abstract floral illustration

30. Vintage Vector Floral Background

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