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20+ Free And Cool Brushes

Paraphrasing one of Paula Abdul’s greatest hits from the days of old was never easier than doing it for BrushLovers, a website that offers great value for no cost. Adobe Photoshop brushes make all the difference for a designer – and adding more resources to your arsenal, alongside talent and know-how, is almost a prerequisite for quality work these days.

Free Brushes For All!

The website was created by Walter Apai, who runs, as a way to put more free resources for web designers out there and help creators promote their work. As a designer all you have to do is browse through the site, find the brush, style or pattern that you need, hit the download button and then… profit!? You can search for something specifically using the website search function or you can open up the categories page and hone in on your target that way. BrushLovers is really easy to navigate and, when you’ve found what you wanted, it gives you the option to share the news with other via Facebook or Twitter, spreading the good word and also increasing the chances that others will contribute to the growing free resource.

Find the brushes you like, use what you will, but remember where you got them from and be sure to check back often for more Photoshop goodies!

Just for you guys – we put together a list of our favorites. So here’s some of the nicest ones, all picked out for you:

Comic Strips

Handtype Flowers



Wedding Day

Vector Drip Brushes

Fancy Frames

Needles and Things


Ink Brushes

Japan Culture – Art

Beautiful Flowers


Technical Brushes

Splatter Line Brushes


Broken Glass

Simple Circles

Grunge Brushes

Trees Background

Cute Skulls

Halftone Dots

What was were your favorite brushes in the list? Found any other brushes that are worth a mention? Let us know in the comments below – Thanks for reading!

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