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25+ Epic Web Design In Cloud Based Software Apps

Just think, hardly much more than a decade ago our offices and workplaces were filled with all sorts of analog tools to get our work done… offline… in real life (yuck! lol.). Not only did we utilize actual pens and paper a lot more, we were limited to using fairly primitive (compared to today) software that was trapped offline, on the hard drives of our PCs. These days, the internet is thriving, and the invention of “The Cloud” has liberated us (and our data) to not be trapped in an offline or local world – today it is all about sharing, collaboration, and ease of use from anywhere – not just the office!

Software In The Cloud

Now that a lot of our software is in the cloud, the options we have when it comes to getting our work done are seemingly endless. There is no wonder why there are companies out there to help us manage all of these solutions like Once you have found the right tools however, life could not be easier on the web. Being able to work on your project from anywhere and not having to download special software or be on a certain platform to get your work done is really invaluable – it makes for an enjoyable and light experience (like at a coffee shop!)

More often than not, these cloud based software apps have some awesome Web Design on their sites (or in the actual gui interface of the application). So if you are working on such an app, or have a client who needs you to design the website for their cloud based software, then brace yourself for some inspiration! Today We have showcased some of the best cloud based apps we could find (that also have awesomely designed websites!) to give you some web design inspiration or some gui software interface design (some are the web designs and some are actual shots of the app screens, which some are also browser based). Whatever you are working on there are some really nice design patterns that you can get some ideas from for your own project. We hope that you relax and let the cloud take over, Enjoy!


Hot Gloo


MockFlow Design Cloud

Kuler from Adobe


Color Scheme Designer






Office² HD



Surreal CMS


The Ehnd!

What was your favorite Cloud Based Software Design? Found any awesome Cloud App Web Designs that we have missed? Share with the class in the comments below! Thanks for Reading!

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