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How to Sell Your App

You worked hard on your app and, even if you had a fair amount of seed money to help fund the process, now you have to convince people to buy it. Monetizing your app seems like a no brainer. Like most no­brainers, though, coming up with the idea is the easy part. Actually carrying it out is much more difficult. Here are some tips to help you ensure that you monetize your app properly and that it sells well once it is released.

Make An Online Presence

Key Ingredients To Make Your App Go Viral

It isn’t enough to mention your app on your own website and social media feeds. You need to create a web presence that is all its own. Your app should have its own website and social media feeds. There are lots of things that you can do to create a thorough web presence. We’ve talked about them before, in our “Go Big With Your Online Presence” post.

First App Free

How To Get Your App Noticed

If this is your first app, you’re going to have a hard time asking people to pay for it. Sure, asking people to pay even a dollar doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. The fact is, though, that people are way more protective of their money when they are buying apps than they are when buying books or, well, just about anything in retail, really. It’s better to offer up your first app for free and then monetize it via in­app advertising, offer walls, etc.

Monetizing Properly

Selling Your App: The Other Exit Option

Once you’ve built a positive and solid reputation for yourself as an app developer, you can release each app as a paid app right away. There are lots of tips for properly monetizing the apps that you develop. For example, provides excellent guidance on mobile app monetization.

Customization is Key

What Language Should You Build Your App With?

Each mobile operating system is a little bit different and uses different code languages.

This is why apps built for iOS will not work on an Android system. A lot of app developers focus on just one market (usually Apple products) but the truth is that Apple no longer dominates the smart phone or mobile sales scene. With tablet computers, eReaders, Chromebooks and smart phones made by every manufacturer in existence (it seems), it is in your best interest to create a version of your app for each of the primary operating systems.

Track User Activity

5 Strategies to Get Your Users to Market Your Mobile App for You

You know how important it is to keep track of analytics when it comes to your website or your online store. It is just as important to track user behavior within your app. App analytics will help you see how your app is being used which, if you are paying attention, can help you identify problems and fix them. It will also help you better target your marketing efforts when you want to release updates or complementary apps in the future.

Encourage Feedback

How to Get Feedback for Your App Fast

Feedback serves two purposes: it helps you figure out what is and what is not working within the app that you’ve created. This helps you better tailor your updates, upgrades and future apps to your audience. It also helps people figure out whether or not to buy your app in the first place. Encourage buyers and downloaders to leave feedback and honest reviews for your app both within and without the app stores through which those apps were purchased. Most of the time the reviews on social media and on independent websites are the most important. With apps, though, the most important reviews are the independent reviews that are published in the app stores. Make sure you ask buyers to review and rate the app within the store they bought it.

There are so many different things that go into making sure that the app you’ve created sells well. We’ve talked about just a few of them in this post. Have you successfully sold an app before? How did you make sure that sales went well?

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