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4 Tips to Increase Remote Workers’ Accountability

If you’re supervising someone, they’re probably working from home at least part of the time. Global Workplace Analytics reports that in 2015, 50 percent of the American workforce held a


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How to Value a Blog for Sale

Blogs have many purposes. They can be used to sell goods or services; be used as marketing material for an individual, company, product or idea; spread political or religious messages


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Make Money With Online Casino Sites Built With WordPress

The online gaming industry is growing each year thanks to the ever increasing interest in online gambling. With so many new games and options to play which include the emerging


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Cupid Dating App Review

Are you tired of unsuccessful attempts to find your love? Online dating site – is here to save you from losing all your hope. Its first weapon against loneliness


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Businesses Thrive When Their Reputation Is Maintained And Preserved

There may not be anything more momentary, transient and yet so valuable to a business or to a person as a good reputation. Businesses thrive on the good things that


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What the Future May Hold for Websites & How They are Designed

When you think about how much we depend on the Internet for everything from staying in touch with friends and loved ones to shopping and conducting business, making travel arrangements


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How People Use Smartphones

History has a funny way of changing things. When the first telephone was installed in the White House in 1879 Rutherford B Hayes said: “It’s a great invention, but who