Business Booming? Stop Doing So Much Work!

If you’ve been working hard to manage and grow your business for God knows how many years, surely you deserve to take some of the load off? It’s understandable that you want to maintain control of your business, and hiring staff is expensive. But what if you could keep full control? And, not have to hire any staff? That’s what this post is here for! Read on for some handy ways to outsource your overwhelming workload.

Social Media

If you use social media to connect with your customers regularly, you probably have to invest a lot of your time towards maintaining it. With something so organic like social media, it can be easy to waste time posting the wrong things or posting at the wrong time. To get around this, you have to come up with plans and do extensive research.

But, there are companies out there that can handle your entire social media marketing campaign. These companies will give you as little or as much control over the content as you desire, and will give you help and advice. They’ll handle the content creation, schedule, and posting. This saves having to hire a new member of staff, while still getting professional work.

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Other Customer Contact

If you want to provide customer service online or by telephone, you need to be free all the time. This sort of job usually requires dedicated staff, in a large team. But for small business’, it isn’t always worth it being free at all times, for a few customers to be contacting you.

Instead of dedicating company hours to do it, you can pay another company to do it for you. They will usually handle email and live chat, and some will even handle voice calls. These services only charge you for the calls you receive, so that you can avoid paying more than you need to. They’ll often include web addons, which can be integrated with your website, to provide self-service support to your customers.

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General Business Management

For all of the general day to day goings on, you can use a business management service. They can handle HR, accounting, payroll, your website, and more. This sort of approach is perfect if you would rather handle more practical aspects of the business. Or, if you prefer to watch the business from afar.

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Bigger Jobs

For the bigger jobs, that would require a staff member to complete, like website updates or copy typing, you can hire a freelance worker. Websites like freelancer.com and upwork.com can help you find contractors to complete any job you can think of. You can use proper contracts and have the backing of a large website, so it’s nice and safe. Going down this route will mean that you will have to be prepared to work with people overseas, and by text chat. This is only a problem if it hinders communication, but be aware of it.


Once you stop focusing on the small parts of your business, you can look at the bigger picture. Removing this workload will free up a lot of time, which you can use to generate more income, or simply have time off.

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