Are You Making The Right Kind Of Sale?

There’s a lot of decisions to make when you’re running a company, but in business, making a sale often means you’ve made it in your business efforts. Every time you secure a sale, you’ve made some profit, impressed a customer, and made sure they’re going to return to you. It’s all a cycle: selling things off, and then earning a reputation to better sell things off. Yet, we can feel a little lacking in our sales technique, and we feel like this is the area where our customer service falls down. That means we need to change up how we make a sale, here’s some tips for that if you feel it’s the best move for you.

Are You Aware What Makes You a Sale?

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The first thing to find out is how you sell to your customers, the habits and behaviors you’re presenting to customers, and what the customers themselves are looking for when they walk into your store. So the first question to ask is: Do you know your process of sale? Similarly, have you ever asked yourself what is a sales funnel? Find out here to really realize your potential and how to use it properly.

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People need to know what you offer in order to become interested in it, and this is done via either your marketing campaigns, or walking into the store to find something to buy. So you need to conduct the same kind of research on prospects for you to invest in. Think from the customer’s point of view and ask what you’d want from a retailer such as yourself.

Be Entirely Approachable

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If you’re not the kind of person who immediately opens up whenever someone walks through the door, you might be missing yourself a good sale. You can often make a lot more money in a day with your business when you’re on the shop floor yourself and you’re there to greet customers and strike up a conversation with them.

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It’s not a good idea to jump on them as soon as they enter your store, so let them browse for a minute or two before you start your routine. But then you have the conundrum of the question, ‘do you need any help?’ as most often, people turn down your offer. So you need to find a common chord with a person, and talk to them on a more personal level.

Try to Find Trust

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Trust is an intrinsic asset that people look for wherever they go, so if they feel like you’re lying or dishonest or just trying to make a quick sale, they might turn away from you. So make sure you look to the customer’s perceptions and challenge them by offering them solutions outside of their needs.

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If someone has been let down by a provider and product plenty of times before, it’s time to show them where the better quality items are, and sell them off before a sale rolls around.

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Make sales better like this!

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