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Tackling Your Loved One’s Cancer

Of all the words in the English language, “cancer” is perhaps the most frightening. Cancer affects approximately 38.5% of men and women, and, while often treatable, the initial diagnosis can be terrifying. When someone you love goes in to be tested for a lump, you’re anxious until you hear back.

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What Is Cancer?

Right away, you might be wondering what you can do. Although “cancer” strikes the worst kind of fear into us, a diagnosis is never the end. Cancer can always be fought. A lump is never guaranteed bad news. With both preventative measures, and special ways of fighting back if a diagnosis comes, cancer never has to have the last word in your family.

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If your loved one goes in for a biopsy, and the results are positive for cancer, take some time for your emotions. It isn’t just your loved one who has a journey ahead of him or her; you do, too. Find friends who will form a support group for you. Get resources for your own well-being. Then, with more strength than just your own, head into the fight at your loved one’s side.

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There are multiple ways to fight cancer, and you can help provide options. Diet makes a huge impact. Standardized care is always helpful, but you can also consider getting cancer care right in your home, whether you live in New Jersey or North Dakota. Comfort and personalization can play a part in your loved one’s treatment.

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If your loved one goes in for a biopsy, and the results are negative for cancer, you’ll be incredibly relieved. Still, you’ll be rattled. Now that the idea is in your mind, you’ll likely want to explore cancer-prevention options to be sure this doesn’t happen again. There are many ways to help prevent cancer, including diet changes and frequent exercise, but treating other health problems can help prevent cancer.

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Sleep And Your Health

Sleep apnea, a common sleeping disorder, has been recently linked to an increased cancer risk, and using a CPAP machine has been known to hush cancer-related genes. If your loved one suffers from sleep apnea, a CPAP machine will not only improve his or her quality of life, it will lower his or her risk of cancer.

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No matter what language your parents speak, whether English, Chinese, or Spanish, you’ll be able to show them a website with sleep apnea solutions. Together, you can find a machine that’s right for them.

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Cancer Statistics

In your loved one’s life, neither a lump nor a cancer diagnosis gets the final word. Your loved one has multiple treatment and prevention options, and he or she will be able to fight strongly with you by his or her side, as you help to find unique care methods and health strategies.

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While the word “cancer” will never lose its sting of fear, we don’t have to face it helpless or hopeless. There is always hope, and there are always resources. You are not alone!

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