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Can You SEO That Offline Marketing Works?

In a world dominated by the internet, it’s hard to see why anything offline would be appealing. After all, you could do the same thing online and get better results. At least, that’s what today’s culture teaches business owners, bloggers, and anyone else in marketing. SEO is a prime example, but it’s also a case in point of an online marketing tactic which works offline. It sounds silly that search engine optimization would be effective without a search engine, but it’s true. Here are the tricks of the trade to prove it.

Guest Blog

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It’s worth pointing out that offline SEO refers to marketing which takes place away from your site. So, whereas blogging on your website may be online SEO, doing it on someone else’s is not. But, why do it in the first place? Why use your skills to help a potential rival? Well, the reality is that there is more to gain that there is to lose. To begin with, you get to appeal to a completely new audience, one which you would never have targeted before. Secondly, Skip The Line Backlinks says it’s a terrific chance for accredited backlinks. Plus, if the content is high-quality, they will like and follow your stuff, leading them to the site.

Gimmicky PR

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Conventional wisdom says that novelty PR is bad for business. And, with millennials at the wheel, there is truth to this theory. However, a gimmick can have a huge impact on marketing when done correctly. Take promotional gifts as an example. They are free, which is part of the novelty, and they have some functional use. After all, you can never have too many pens or portable USBs. Of course, the gifts have your brand tattooed on every inch to make the owner aware. It’s subtle but works like a charm.


Turn To Tech For Your Big Business Event

Search engine optimization is about raising awareness of the brand. The problem with an event is that it doesn’t necessarily translate to online traffic. Sure, consumers may love what you did at the local charity show, but they may not head to the site for more info. There is a hack which event organizers should know: twin the event with SEO. For example, offer everyone at the event a gift which they can pick up by visiting the website. Or, give them 5% or 10% off products and services and give them a special online code. Traffic will not only spike; it will maintain high levels of visitors.

Contact Details

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Would you create a site without contact information? No, so why would you do it with offline marketing? A business card is just as effective at SEO as Google as long as people know where to head to check out the company. Along with corporate details, your personal info should be easily accessible too. That way, the consumer can research the firm and the people behind it, adding a sense of trust (hopefully).

As you can see, SEO is possible offline. The trick is to direct people in the direction of the site by whatever means possible.

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