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Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine

Why do most businesses have a website? It’s not because they enjoy coding or because they just can’t get enough of content writing it’s because they know that not having a website would put them at a distinct disadvantage and make it difficult for them to make sales.

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Having a website in the 21st Century isn’t really optional if you want to increase knowledge of your brand and build up a solid customer base. However, it’s not as simple as just throwing any old website together and expecting it to deliver you thousands of sales. No, you need to put some real effort into creating a solid website that offers a great user experience if you want your website to boost your bottom line.

With that in mind, here are some top tips to turn your website into a sales machine:

Increase Your Traffic

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First of all, if there aren’t many people visiting your website, it obviously isn’t going to be much of a money spinner for you. That’s why it’s so very important that you fully search engine optimize your website. Ensuring that your websites is designed and your content is written in a way that the search engines will favor is the first, and most important, step to turning your website into a sales machine.

Ensure it Looks Good

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Of course, just because you’ve successfully used SEO techniques to convince more people to click on your links doesn’t mean they’ll stick around and make a purchase. For that to happen, they need to like what they see. In the words, your website needs to make a good first impression on your business’ behalf. If it looks cheap and cobbled together in an hour, they’ll probably click right back off your site. So, perhaps think about hiring a web designer who can create a clean, crisp and easy to navigate design for your website, that offers the kind of aesthetics your target market are likely to warm to. That way, they’ll be much more likely to at least stick around and see what you’re about.

Good Images are Important

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On the subject of looks, it’s important that you put some effort into sourcing the best possible images for your website. If the images you use to sell your company, and even more importantly, your products are bad, then no one is going to buy. You can find all manner of fashion stock photos, for example, and some are way more dynamic than others – you want to use the most dynamic, brimming with life ones rather than the dull, plain white background with boring image kind. Even better, you should try to take, or have a professional photographer take at least some of your images, so that they are unique and so that you can really show your visitors what you’re about.

Have a Unique Selling Point

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Ideally, your website should include a short statement, of a few lines, which tells the visitor what you’re about, what your unique selling point is and why they should shop with you. Only you will know what these reasons are, but try to word them as succinctly and compellingly as possible if you want to see your sales soar.

Working on Building Your Authority

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People are much more likely to buy a product or service from a company that they see as an authority in the market. If it’s evident that you really know your stuff and you have connections in the wider market, then you should see more people more willing to part with their money in your direction.

Offer a Guarantee

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If you offer a guarantee than new customers who’ve happened upon your website are more likely to take a chance and purchase the products and services you sell. After all, if they know they can get a refund, and you make the process for doing so simple, they really have nothing to lose by doing so.

Engage with Visitors

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Using tools like live chat, social media and email to engage with visitors to your website is a good way to build a rapport with them and make them feel more comfortable about doing business with you. Of course, it’s also a very good way of advertising your stuff too. The key is to be genuine, don’t try to railroad them into making a purchase and always be as polite and helpful as you can.

If you can incorporate all of this stuff into your business website, there is no doubt that you will do well and it will become a lean, mean sales machine!

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