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Is Your Website Winning or Losing Customers for You Right Now?

Every business owner wants their company to attract new customers day after day; you don’t need me to tell you that but how is your online presence affecting your ability to win customers? Take the wrong approach and you’ll find that your website loses customers for you rather than gains them, which is definitely not what you need going forward.

There are a few different aspects of your website that you should focus on if you want to ensure your website is in a position to attract new customers and secure them for you.

Linking to Social Media

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Social media is obviously an important part of everything your business is trying to do right now. You want to connect to people and get them interested in your business and what you’re up to. Doing that properly means having to connect your website up to your social media profiles for better user interaction and sharing opportunities.

SEO Performance

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If you see the acronym SEO and don’t know what it means, you have some serious problems that need to be addressed. SEO is about making your website easier to find via search engines and that’s key because most people who visit your website for the first time will get there through Google. Without the right SEO measures in place, your rank will fall and other websites will get the visitors you should be getting.


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The speed of your website matters because a fast website with decent response times is now what everyone expects when they interact with companies online. It’s not something that’s forgivable or permissible for most of your target customers. With busy lives and the impatience that the internet inevitable breeds, you’ll be left behind if your website is too slow. If you want to start afresh and create a fast website, you really should do it, because It’s one of those things that customers will really notice and respond to.


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The people who visit your website should be able to find what it is they’re looking for right away without any frustrations or wasted time. It’s known that visitors simply go out the way they came in if they can’t find what they’re looking for on a website right away. Clearly labelled categories and strong calls to action will help people get straight to the point and that could be the catalyst for clinching sales on your website.

Security for Customers and Visitors

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The one thing that’s sure to lose customers for your business is an insecure and unsafe website. Why would anyone come back to your website again if their personal information and financial information are compromised?  Everyone who visits your website and buys from it should feel safe in doing so. Make it one of your top priorities to up the security measures in place on your website because few things are important than this.

Websites and how they perform definitely play a decisive role in how companies win and lose customers. Make sure yours doesn’t become a drag on the otherwise good work your business does.

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